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How to read at home the hymnal: recommendations


In this article I want to share with you about what the hymnal is, and how to read it correctly at home. I myself do this regularly, because I believe that sincere prayer brings a person closer to God, helps to cleanse the soul and always feel divine support within me.

Psalms: what is it in simple words

The Psalter is a special collection of church prayers that are read without interruption. Its peculiarity is that, unlike all the others, it can be read not by standing, but by sitting. The collection of prayers for the psalter includes several sections - texts for health, for peace and for every day.

Reading the psalter is good and the fact that it does not necessarily go to the temple. If you do not have the opportunity to come to a special service, you can pray at home only by observing certain rules, which I will discuss below.

The features of the hymnal are as follows:

  1. Priests who have been granted the right to read these texts in the church have a special privilege. They are given the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness for the sins of other people. This is not an ordinary prayer, but a real sermon, bringing closer to divine power.
  2. An important feature is that during prayer, the priest was awarded a tremendous force that protects all people from evil spirits and temptations. In churches, the psalter is usually read without a break, and the monks change each other at regular intervals.
  3. In monasteries, obtaining consent for a hymnal is considered a generous reward. Prayer helps in the health of the living, and soothes the souls of the departed who went to heaven. Not all monasteries are granted the right to perform such services, this is a special favor.
  4. The Psalter benefits not only the person to whom it is ordered, but also the person who reads the prayers, the temple itself, the priests.

Reading the hymnal at home you help both yourself and those around you. And after you feel the result of regular prayers, you will strengthen your faith in God, become stronger, healthier and more energetic, you can inspire other people with your example and lead you.

How to read the hymnal at home about health and peace

Such prayers are also a tribute to religious traditions. And like all traditions, the Psalter has its own rules. They need to be followed thoroughly, showing respect for God and himself.

There is an Orthodox custom, according to which people can agree and read prayers by general agreement:

  1. You can team up with like-minded people and arrange to read the psalter during one day. Each of you will begin to read just one prayer, mentioning in it all the rest of the group. It is better to prescribe the names on a separate sheet, so as not to miss anyone and not forget.
  2. On the second day, the second prayer is recited. If someone from the group missed his section, then “catching up” on the next day is necessary. It should be fully aware of the responsibility not only for themselves, but also for the group.
  3. As a result, the psalter, his entire book is read from forty times, no less. The ideal time for such prayers is before Great Lent.

Is it worth it to go it alone? It is undesirable, because you may not be able to do this at all, and you will not finish the job. But you can try, of course.

Psalter reading alone

If you did not find like-minded people and could not gather a group for the general reading of prayers, you can try to do it yourself, alone. But gain all the patience that you have. This is not an easy way, but very valuable.

The rules are as follows:

  • Prepare a stock of wax candles. They should burn all the time in the process of prayer. The exceptions are situations when the hymnal is read out on a journey, during a journey.
  • It is impossible to read prayers mentally - all words are clearly and articulately pronounced out loud. At least a whisper if you do not want to interfere with your family and your family.
  • Focus on each word, correctly place the emphasis - the slightest mistake can radically change the meaning of prayer, which is a sin from the point of view of the church.
  • Read the text can be sitting, it is not forbidden.

Do not put in the text of a large number of emotions. Your speech should flow smoothly, monotonously, it is desirable to exclude from it any expression of feelings. You can chant a little to get to the level of favorable energy vibrations, but without theatricality.

If you do not fully understand the meaning of this or that prayer, do not interrupt or try to penetrate. Your soul feels, hears and understands everything, even if the brain is not capable of it. Therefore, keep calm and do not worry.

Every day and a new prayer read you will feel deeper and deeper your connection with God, learn to understand the meaning of all words and sentences. It only takes time to raise your spiritual level, learn to turn off the mind and feel the prayer of the heart.

Psalms for the departed

Prayers for peace in Christianity are usually read over the body of the deceased before he is buried. And one kafizme from the texts already after.

Only relatives of the deceased can read such prayers. It is necessary to do this standing, without interruption, for several days until the moment of the funeral. Terminate the process can only time for dirge.

Relatives follow each other, taking turns reading prayers. If it is not possible to gather over the body of the deceased, they can do it in their own homes.

After the burial, the Psalter read forty more days. According to Orthodox canons, this time is necessary for the soul to say goodbye to earthly life, leave the world and go to God.

Reading the sacred texts for the rest, you also help your soul to cleanse itself from earthly sins and come to peace by going to the heavens.