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Sacred meaning that tattoo wings have


The world of tattoo art is very amazing, and today it is also very actively developing. I, like many of us think, have always been attracted to tattoos. At the same time, I tried to find out their true meaning, because wearing some incomprehensible symbols and drawings on my body can be at least dangerous. In my today's review, I suggest you find out the true meaning of tattoo wings.

Historical background on the symbolism of the wings

The symbol of "wings" originally originated in ancient Egypt. In those distant times, it was used to decorate the bodies of the pharaohs, who spread open wings upon themselves, designed to emphasize their high position over their subjects — that is, to elevate them. It is not surprising that since ancient times the wings caused the association of people of any religion and culture with the divine essence, the messengers of God, angelic beings.

In ancient Greek mythology, there is an interesting, but sad legend about Delal and Icarus. It says that in ancient times the famous inventor Daedalus lived in the world. His merit was that he opened to the Greeks the art of sculpting statues and the erection of beautiful buildings.

The circumstances were such that Daedalus was forced to leave his home, the city of Athens, and went to the island of Crete in order to obtain asylum from the cunning ruler of Minos. The latter allowed the sculptor to stay in his kingdom, but put at the same time one condition - now Daedalus will have to work for him for the rest of his life. Despair forced Daedalus to give his consent to this.

Time passed and the son of Daedalus, Icarus grew older. The sculptor more and more yearned for his native Athens. It is not for nothing that they say that a bird cannot sing in a cage, and a sculptor cannot create in conditions of bondage.

Once Daedalus looked at the sky, which stretched over the smooth surface of the sea and saw in it two floating birds. Their natural ease of flight strongly inspired the creator and he came up with the idea of ​​creating wings for himself and his offspring, in order to leave the hated island of Crete that had bothered him.

Since then, inspired by the freedom approaching him, the creator began daily walking along the sea coast, collecting plumage of large birds, which he connected with a rope of flax and sealed with wax.

When his creation was fully completed, he and his son fastened their wings on themselves and took to the air above Crete. Impressed by such a spectacle, the inhabitants of Crete watched two figures having dazzling white wings behind their backs and whispered in awe, considering them to be gods.

But suddenly a terrible thing happened - the young Icarus disobeyed his father and wished to get even closer to the Sun, since he was blinded by the freedom of flight. The scorching sun melted the glued ropes and feathers scattered under the action of the wind, and Icarus fell down from a height into the waves of the sea. It so happened that with the help of the wings, he first rose, but in the end he died.

The value of tattoo wings on the body

Not everyone can have wings. Likewise, not everyone is allowed to perform such a tattoo on his body, because not all of us deserve it. The semantic meaning of such tattoos must first be understood and realized, as well as raised above any kind of doubt and prejudice.

In reality, a wing tattoo has a very deep, symbolic and variable meaning. Moreover, this characteristic will vary somewhat based on the color variations of the wings, the shape of the image and the part of the body on which it is applied. After all, at this point in time, they want to decorate their bodies with wings quite often, various methods are known with styles in which such a tattoo can be depicted.

For example, in some situations you can meet the versions of the wings clipped or singed with fire, known as "vain", "satanic or wings of fallen angels".

Wings of a black shade or wings of bats, which the Goths often select for themselves, in all cases cause an association with evil forces and danger.

A winged pouch made in the back area is fairly common among prisoners. In them it symbolizes the flight of the soul and the striving to regain lost freedom.

Butting with the wings of a butterfly is often personified with a human soul that seeks to be in heaven. This version of the tattoo can often tell about some protection of the individual.

Another characteristic of wing tattoos on the back is the desire to exalt over worldly cares, everyday difficulties and bustle, or an uncontrollable aspiration to be like, though outwardly, a winged celestial messenger - an angel.

In the bulk of situations, angel wings are depicted large and sweeping, they correspond to innocence and children's openness, as well as sublime spiritual strength and intactness. For beautiful persons, such a tattoo can demonstrate the divine beauty, integrity and purity of the female face. And for the representatives of the stronger sex - to distinguish them from the gray mass and indicate their spiritual kindness.

If the wings on top are covered with scales, it means that they are the embodiment of the top of dragon power and its recalcitrance. And in ancient Egyptian painters and creators of applied art, wings were used as a symbol of the power and majesty of the pharaoh.

A winged hinge padded with a heart tells about the union of two inseparable and eternal feelings - love with trust, because love without confidence becomes evil and dangerous, and trust without love is cruel and unstable.

A tattoo with wings can symbolically represent a tribute to those who have ever been worshiped or symbolize modern gods or deities with wings. In addition to the angelic beings and incarnations of the Holy Spirit, this list includes the Greek divine envoy Hermes, the nighttime deity with his son - Hypnos and Morpheus, the goddess Nemesis, the harpies with griffins, of course, Mrs. Fortuna and so on.

In the case when wings are depicted with flying feathers - this is a symbol of the fact that the owner of such a tattoo is heavily exhausted by life, worldly problems and eternal injustice.

Unconditionally, the most popular area for the image of the wings is the shoulder blades and the back. But also the wings will look good on other parts of the body: lower back, neck, shoulders, and female breasts. And therefore, if you want to make a similar tattoo - first set its own value for it and select the appropriate area for application.

The value of the tattoo in men

Representatives of the stronger sex give their preference to courageous and voluminous variants of tattoos, which must necessarily have some specific meaning. For this reason, images on the body can often tell about the nature and attitude to life.

Most often, men stop at the version with scaly dragon wings. Such a tattoo will indicate a great bodily strength and unruly spirit. And to put such images is best on the back.

The image of clean, lush and beautiful wings in all cases will tell about the generosity, kindness and ability to many actions on the part of men.

Wings of a dark shade - they are a symbol of a fallen angelic or demonic creature, designed to tell about serious, traumatic events.

The value of tattoos in women

While the strong half stops at massive and catchy sketches, beautiful ladies want to choose for themselves those tattoos that relate more to their inner feelings.

Therefore, girls often focus on small wings, symbolizing ease and elegance. In addition, these tattoos have a very elegant look. They can be depicted on the shoulder blades or on their hands.

Putting bright butterfly wings on your back will emphasize the helplessness and visual appeal of the girl. The image of such a bright and beautiful picture simply can not leave indifferent any person who sees it.

And, of course, tattoos can be located not only on the back area, but also on the loins, wrists and ankles.

The value of the wings on the zone

As a rule, prisoners stuffed these tattoos on their backs and they act as a symbol of the desire to remove themselves from the extra shackles, to gain the desired freedom.

Tattoo masters are not advised to cycle too much on this, because everyone can put their own meaning into a given tattoo. In any case, with all certainty, it’s really only possible to talk about one thing: tattoos with the image of wings on the back will remain valid for a very long time.

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