Dream interpretation

Predictions and Prophecies of Serafim Sarovsky on the Future of Russia


Among the most revered visionaries in Russia is the seraphim of Sarov, predictions and whose prophecies came true repeatedly. The elder was counted among the saints at the beginning of the 20th century.

Short biography of St. Seraphim of Sarov

In one pious family of the merchant Moshnin Isidor and Agathia, a son was born on July 19 (30) supposedly in 1754 (1759). Boy's name was Prokhor. Parent built the temple in the name of St. Sergius. When he was gone, the case was continued by the spouse.

For 4 years everything was rebuilt and the child and mother went to watch. Shalya, the boy climbed onto the bell tower, stumbled and flew down. What was the surprise of people when he stood up as if nothing had happened.

Vision One

10 years old Prosha was seriously ill and was close to death. But here he dreamed that the Mother of God met him and reassured him, saying that she would help the sick person.

A religious procession took place in those days in the city, a sudden rain made everyone hide in a nearby courtyard. It turned out to be the merchant's house. Agafya brought to the icon of the Virgin a sick child, he kissed the image and began to recover.


Having become a seventeen year old young man, the young man goes to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where he lives for 2 years and decides to devote himself to monasticism. The hermit Dositheus sends Seraphim to the Sarov desert. His strict, ascetic life struck many. In his spare time, the monk went into the thicket. For three years he ate only plants, spent 1000 days on a rock.

Feat of seclusion

Upon returning to the monastery, the Seraphim closes for 17 years. The first 5 years did not appear to anyone. Then people would sometimes come to him, but he didn’t talk to anyone. In the wretched cell there was nothing but a coffin, a small stump and an icon of the Queen of Heaven.

Then over the next 5 years the cell was open all day. The retreat ended in 1825, when the Mother of God ordered to go out.

The death of the Russian saint

In 1831, in a dream, the Mother of God again came to Father Seraphim, telling him that he would soon leave the earth, but would be glorified. On the day of death, 01/01/1833, the elder being in the temple lit candles to all images. He was already weak and said goodbye to everyone, the mood was good, he rejoiced in his heart for something.

The next day he was found dead, sitting on his knees in front of an icon, with his head resting on his arms crossed.

Predictions of St. Seraphim about the future of Russia

The fact that the great old man saw the future preserved many records of his contemporaries and those who heard the memories of eyewitnesses, and then wrote them down in his diaries or shared his impressions with family and friends.

Among summer Easter will sing

During the life of St. Seraphim said that he would be alive for everyone. And so it is, since many people turn to him with their prayers, desiring the help of God and consolation.

Staritsa Irina from Diveev recalled how Father Seraphim in one of his prophecies saw that the Moscow bell would come to them. How will be buzzing Ivan the Great. It will happen in the summer, to all people, and there will be a lot of them, it will be joyful, but not for long. Further, the elder spoke that there would be a sad time.

It is believed that the saint foresaw his canonization in 1903, when Emperor Nicholas himself arrived in Sarov and participated in the procession. And Easter at this time really sang. Next, begin the sad historical events of which everyone knows.

About the Crimean War

An eyewitness Voroshilov A. G. claimed that he had heard the elder talk about the militant troika of states that would want to destroy Russia, but could not cope with it, but would only exhaust it. Years later, the meaning of the prediction became clear when the Crimean company began.

At the meeting, Seraphim talked with the soldiers who were going to the army in the field. He reassured them that everyone would return from the war alive. So it happened. None of the interlocutors were killed or injured.

About Decembrists and Troubles

Once the Volkonsky brothers visited Sarov. The elder treated them differently. One gave his blessing, and the second drove away from himself with a noise. He explained his behavior by the fact that a person has black thoughts. From them distemper happens, which ends in blood.

He advised to influence his brother so that he would change his mind. However, the latter did take part in the coup for which he was sent to hard labor for 20 years.

His name was Sergei G., was a major general in the Union of Welfare. Departed 15 years of exile, in mines and settlements.

And another case. Walking the miraculous spring, the elder met a St. Petersburg officer. He wanted a blessing. However, the clear water has clouded and bubbled up. The priest sent the stranger out, saying that he and his like-minded people would only mess up in the country and not do anything worthwhile.

About Nicholas II

Seraphim of Sarov often mentioned in his speeches the martyr of the king, who would glorify him. It is known that the last emperor in 1903 issued a decree on the glorification of the old man.

Saying that he would glorify this ruler, it meant canonization of the entire royal family. After that, the autocrat will be a great distemper, rivers of blood will flow, and his blood will be shed. The rebels will perish, and the king will be exalted.

According to the memoirs of 02.1855, the wife of Alexander II, the hermit of Sarov made a strange prediction. He told the Grand Duke how Nikolai Romanov would die. Promising to tell about the prophecy just before his death, Mikhail Pavlovich kept this information in secret all his life, and not keeping his words, tell all to the empress. Apparently, he did not dare to frighten the family.

About Orthodox faith

In Russia, according to the saint, there will be great disasters. Faith itself will be trampled upon, and its servants will be punished by God for the loss of purity and apostasy. In his prayers, he asked the Lord for mercy for them, but God refused, saying that He should be honored not only with his tongue, but with his heart. And this is just not in such people.

About the Antichrist and Satan

The first revolutionary who promises heaven on earth is Satan. He who slept from heaven carries his own teaching, which has nothing to do with the teaching of Christ. For God calls to heaven, where truth lives, and the antipode arranges paradise as below. The revolutionaries, the messengers of the Antichrist, destroying faith, are preparing a place on earth for deceptive happiness.

According to the memoirs of the nun Eupraxia, it was said about two cathedrals. The one that will later be marvelous. Will accept only worthy. When the Antichrist approaches the church, it will rise in the air, no one can take the temple. The unworthy will fall away, although they will try to get into it. Climb to the sky and there will be protection.

Pure souls will be taken by angels, and the whole city will be there big. And the Antichrist will be left with nothing.

Prophecies of sv. Seraphim about the revival of Russia

Before the advent of the Antichrist, the Russian state will have to face painful tests:

  • Great War.
  • A terrible revolution in its cruelty.
  • Mass deaths of good and faithful people in Russia.
  • Looting temples.

However, God, through suffering, will lead the country to prosperity and glory. The enemy will not overcome the true believers and pious. According to the predictions of Serafim Sarovsky, as soon as the century passes after “finding his relics,” a revival will begin in the country.