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How to calculate favorable days for conception


To conceive a child, married couples with good health in both, should stop to protect themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle. More precisely, it is still necessary to start with bringing health and all its components into complete order. Both spouses need to relax more, play sports and drink vitamins. Doctors advise both women and men to drink folic acid. In addition, you need to use vitamins A, E, C, selenium and zinc.

Well, and if there are any problems, you should contact a competent doctor who, after a full examination, will reveal problems with conception. He will also tell in detail and explain how to determine the most successful days for conceiving a child.

All methods are different, but somehow they track the increased levels of the hormone estrogen in the female body.

Maybe you remember from school biology course that the egg begins its movement from the ovary only once a month. From there, it passes into the fallopian tube, this process is called ovulation. In a healthy woman, ovulation usually occurs in the middle of a cycle. The egg cell lives only a day, and the sperm cells are 3-4 days. If at the time of ovulation, the egg and sperm do not meet, conception will not occur.

Calendar (or Knaus-Ogino method)

This way, most likely, you will be offered by your leading gynecologist. There is nothing difficult in it, you need to mark the days of the month in the calendar and measure the temperature in the rectum and vagina and record the data in the graph.

Noting the temperature carefully, you will notice that in a certain period the temperature will increase from 36.6 ° C to 37.2 ° C. It is the temperature rise to the level of 37.2 ° С that will mean that ovulation has come and you can start active sexual actions.

Doctors advise to measure the temperature in such a way for at least 3 months. So you define your menstrual cycle (from 28 to 32 days), learn the best days to conceive.

By the way, many women mistakenly believe that the most favorable days are in the middle of the cycle, but this is not so. With a cycle of up to 21 days, ovulation occurs in 6, 7, 8 of its days. With a cycle of up to 35 days - for 20, 21, 22 days.

Surely, you can choose a convenient application for your smartphone - the program itself will make a schedule and point to the best days for conception.

Observation of cervical mucus

As you know, cervical secretions are isolated from the cervix and signal the period of the cycle.

After the monthly passes, the production of estrogen begins in order for the follicle to grow and develop. It is this hormone with the approach of ovulation that makes the mucus all the more volatile. The secretions favorable for conception resemble raw egg white. It is easy to check by stretching a ball of secretion between your fingers. This texture allows sperm to move as fast as possible and reach the egg.

Vaginal method

This method is very simple and is available to all women who listen to their body.

During ovulation:

  • my chest aches;
  • may cause nagging pain from the left or right ovary;
  • increases sexual desire.

Using ultrasound

This method is also called folliculometry. Usually, a highly qualified doctor needs 2-3 months to more reliably determine favorable days for conception.

To do this, an ultrasound machine monitors the entire process of maturation of the ovary and the formation of the follicle. In itself, its formation does not mean anything, because the follicle may simply not break.

With the help of the test

Pharmacies sell special strips, dipping them in your urine, you can determine the best day to conceive. These tests react to the content of luteinizing hormone estrogen in the female body, an elevated level of which will give you a signal for action.

Such tests are best done 2 times a day, 1 time at 12 o'clock about a week before ovulation.

After receiving the first positive test result, you will receive a signal that in 15-25 hours ovulation will occur.

Experts recommend that another test be carried out immediately; they also advise using this method in combination with the calendar method, which measures the basal temperature.

Test strips for LH-hormone are sold in pharmacies and cost from 50 to 500 rubles.

Saliva Crystallization Analysis

In addition to the test strips, microscopes appeared on sale specifically for home use.

This microscope you will observe the structure of your saliva when dried. The fact is that with an increase in the body of the hormone estrogen, increases the content of chlorides (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium). Their concentration on the days of ovulation is highest in the cycle. When these salts dry out, their crystal structure becomes visible, which resembles a leaf of fern.

It is recommended to observe changes in the salt content in the saliva one week before the onset of ovulation.

According to reviews, this method is very effective, moreover, more economical than the constant purchase of test strips.

Conception Days Calculator

In RuNet a lot of online calculators for calculating favorable days. To calculate, choose any service you like and enter exact data:

  • dates of the last menstruation;
  • the duration of your monthly cycle;
  • billing period.

Folk method

This method among the above is the easiest. You just need to take the length of your cycle, and divide it in half. For example, the cycle is calculated in 28 days. 28: 2 = 14, takes and adds one day each. It turns out from the 13th to the 15th days - the most favorable days for conceiving a child. It is necessary to take into account the lunar cycle. It is not necessary to conceive a child on the full moon, decreasing moon, new moon and the last third of the lunar cycle. Stick to the days when the moon grows.