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Courageous and confident Bulat - characteristic features and fate


Bulat has a very interesting story, how it got into our language. It is known that the name appeared in the Russian language from the Turkic people. But the name itself is not of Turkic origin. There it came from Persia, where it sounded like Pulad. According to the translation, the name means "steel", or simply "steel". Fairy-tale heroes with this name surprised with their wonderful strength.

What are the name of the form

  • Short - Bul, Bulatka.
  • Affectionately - Bulatik, Bulatya, Bulatushka.
  • Bulat is written in Latin in foreign languages.
  • In the passport - BULAT.
  • In Orthodoxy there is no correspondence of the name Bulat. The name is found mainly in Muslims.

Characteristics and influence of fate

The boy Bulat is a lively and naughty little boy who loves to gossip. He seeks to always be in the spotlight, and he easily succeeds. The attention of everyone from young to old is riveted on him. Since childhood, he shows his leadership skills. Bulat is sure of himself, and at the same time not afraid to lose, and does so with dignity. As a boy, he tries to be independent. Parents are very happy about this, because you don’t have to force him to do anything. He does everything himself.

She studies Bulat well, but without pleasure. He has a good memory and he quickly perceives new information. But this concerns only what will be interesting to him. Bulatik has a creative beginning, but he prefers sport and technology.

Bulat grows up as a persistent man who confidently walks through life and knows what he wants. And this he will certainly achieve. His activity leads him to the desired result. A distinctive trait of character can be considered his egoism, although it is not visible at first glance. He knows how to make beautiful and noble deeds, but more often it is just a game for the public. So he wants to be higher in the eyes of others and make a favorable impression.

Bulat can sharply speak out and condemn. But his words are always justified, which will not leave indifferent others. One will like it, others will be against it. He has few friends, but they are reliable and proven. Bulat really like girls. His nobility, masculinity and oriental beauty will not leave indifferent any woman of the weaker sex.

Bulat is a cheerful and sociable man. Loves to have fun in a noisy company. In it lives a thirst for adventure and entertainment. Insult Bulat is almost impossible. All the awkward situations he easily turns into a joke.


Health in Bulat heroic. The vitality is above average. Bulat, like all emotional and impulsive people, has a weakened nervous system. You need to be careful with your emotions. Prevent the occurrence of depression, stress, be able to relax and relax with mind and soul.


Bulat’s success will follow in any direction he chooses to move. His determination and determination amaze and delight. Thanks to the ability to lead people will be able to occupy senior management positions. In his own business Bulat will be the most successful. From his subordinates will be required to comply with all duties and job descriptions.

Family and relationships

Bulat can, with a stretch, be called Monogamous, and he decides to marry for a long time. He loves to bathe in the female attention and admiration. He is a lover of new thrills. His future wife needs to think carefully before getting married. High probability of infidelity.

Bulat treats his wife especially respectfully. She loves and adores her children very much. Bulat is peculiar to generosity. He is practically not engaged in education, pays little attention to the family, spending a lot of time at work. Therefore, he often compensates for this lack of gifts. For the family, he gets the best of everything, because luxury is important to him for the show.

Astrological characteristics

  • Planet - Jupiter.
  • Zodiac sign - Sagittarius.
  • Totem animal - Salamander.
  • The color of the name is White.
  • Tree - Oak.
  • Plant - Thyme.
  • Stone - Diamond.

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