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Compatibility of Aries and Capricorn - is there any chance of success


Compatibility of Aries and Capricorn is not the most prosperous. These people better interact in business, but do not try to build love. Conflicting elements will not allow partners to get along peacefully together. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

On the perfect compatibility in such a pair can not speak. Despite the fact that they converge easily, they are usually quite difficult to get along. Purposeful and charged for action, an energetic Aries will pull forward, and a calm and rational Capricorn will “slow down” his partner, because he needs to weigh everything.

The features of the relationship of these two signs are as follows:

  1. Convergence usually occurs on the initiative of Aries. Capricorn is less sociable and always cautious, but easily gives in to the pressure of its decidedly companion.
  2. Both strive for leadership, so their relationship is an eternal struggle for competition and pulling the blanket over themselves.
  3. But at the very beginning, everything is extremely positive. Aries feels that his partner has the qualities he lacks - unshakable moral principles, self-esteem, stability and reliability. That is what he lacks in his adventures to remember about peace of mind and less risk.
  4. If Aries breaks down the walls, then Capricorn seeks the door to enter. This is the colossal difference between the two characters. At first they like everything - Capricorn is inspired and pleased by the boiling energy of the satellite, and Aries becomes more calm next to such a reasonable and rational elect.
  5. At the initial stage, they will do everything to make a good impression on each other. In this and the danger - when they find out better, they may be disappointed. Because a person who is close by will not be exactly who he claimed to be.
  6. The first problems begin immediately after a period of ardent love. The passion will subside, rose-colored glasses will fall off and the identity of the partners will appear in all its glory.

There is a chance of success if Capricorn and Aries came together in adulthood, having sufficient experience in relationships with the opposite sex. The fire sign at that time was more calm and learned to look for compromises, and the earth one began to understand people.

They need to have some kind of common goal, and a global one. This may be a business, for example. Then the negative energy will go to the achievement of goals, and only positive will remain in the family.

Causes of conflict

Now let's talk about what to do if you are already in such a dysfunctional union. To keep relationships and make them happy, it is important to understand where the "legs grow" from conflict situations and quarrels.

Causes of disagreement in a pair of Capricorn and Aries may be as follows:

  1. The first quarrels usually occur when a couple begins to appear together in society. Capricorn considers the behavior of his companion too defiant, even vulgar, which confuses and annoys him, because he is very dependent on public opinion.
  2. Capricorn is irritated by Aries’s incontinence in spending. He is able to spend a lot of money on entertainment, and then eat one buckwheat until salary.
  3. Aries also claims partner seem flimsy. Just think, spent half the salary to rest. So what? But it was fun. Because of these claims partner begins to seem boring, empty, stupid.
  4. Aries are very important emotions. He does not get them from the satellite in full, so he starts to get bored and look at the parties, looking for new sources of impressions.
  5. Capricorn will often feel that Aries is completely indifferent to his opinion. In fact, it is not. Aries listens, but acts in its own way not from evil, but due to natural impulsiveness and the lack of a rational approach to business.
  6. Capricorn rarely makes its claims immediately. He accumulates resentment and negativity, which eventually turn into a snowball. Sooner or later there is a huge explosion and a powerful scandal happens. Aries hears many unpleasant things, he is reminded of mistakes that happened a long time ago and sincerely wondering - why remember what has long passed?

Serious conflicts will also occur about the reason for the discrepancy in views on how to spend the family budget. Aries likes to spend, Capricorn - to save. They better have a separate budget, or learn to negotiate. Another option is to earn so much that there is enough for the wasteful spending of Aries and for creating a financial airbag Capricorn.

Watch the video about the zodiac compatibility of these two signs:

Capricorn Woman and Aries Man

This union can be successful if partners can accept the dissimilarity of each other. At first, the girl admires and attracts the man with her perseverance, efficiency, resilience and determination.

They see in it that which is in him. Relationships will develop well, if a girl accepts the fact that she will always be on the sidelines. Its task is to provide reliable rear to its farmer and protector.

If a woman wants to build a career, parting is almost inevitable, because Aries does not need competition. What if she gets more than he? This is a huge blow to his vanity.

The girl will often be jealous because of self-doubt and temperamental partner. There is reason for jealousy - Aries often changes in such a pair, completing the lack of emotions in the relationship on the side.

Capricorn male and Aries female

A man in such a pair falls in love almost instantly. He is attracted by the passionate nature of the Aries girl, her temperament, unpredictability and explosive nature.

It seems to him that in his dull and dull life he lacks just such a fire. But at the same time, as soon as he achieves the location of the chosen one, he begins to try to extinguish this fire, to make it calmer, which, of course, is impossible.

A woman will soon realize that she has chosen an inappropriate partner in life and will decide to part. But if he earns good money and provides it, she may stay for some time.