Dream interpretation

Lyuda, Lyudochka, Lyudmila: the meaning of the name, the vicissitudes of fate, strengths and weaknesses of character


This name is one of the most popular in our country. From this article, you will learn whether moms and dads are doing the right thing, calling their daughters Lyuda, and what girls and women who already bear that name should do.

What language gave this name to us, how does it translate?

Many consider it our primordial - and rightly so, it is Slavic. It is translated "dear people."

Interestingly, at one time it was not popular for a long time. In Russian literature, one can find perhaps the ballad "Lyudmila" of Zhukovsky, and of course, the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" by Pushkin. The real name in our country became after the 40s of the past (that is, the 20th) century.

Friends and relatives affectionately call the bearer of the name so: Lyuda, Lyudochka, Lucy, Lyudok, Milka, Mila, Milok. And when they get angry, they exclaim: Lyudka!

In other countries, this name will sound like this.: Lucius (Italy, the name translates as "light", "light"), Lola (Czech Republic), Lucy (England, France).

What character is different typical Lucy?

Merits: this girl is not for nothing called Love - she really is filled with respect, compassion and love for friends, relatives and even strangers. A kind girl can have a calm, dreamy character. By nature, she is gifted with a lively mind, creative notes, and a penchant for analytics.

disadvantages: girl's moral principles may be a little fuzzy. Her soul is twofold: on the one hand it is sweet, on the other - a rude, overly straightforward person. It easily coexists cold and passion, laziness and hard work, helplessness and strength, sadness and joy. This is a flirt that can be badly hurt by an unfortunate statement about her.

The fate of Luda since childhood

  • Early years. In childhood, this is a cute little "mommy" caring for pupsikami. The girl is very neat, but the owner, does not like to share toys with other girls (even her sister or best friend). Although of course, she loves to play with other girls, and there is practically no conflict in the game. If her brother is born, Lucy treats him tolerantly.
  • Youth, the formation of character. This is a diligent student - if not an honors pupil, then a solid horoshist. A girl from her youth shows a talent for music, and it will be great if her mother begins to take her to music or singing lessons. Lucy has dozens of friends, she is very deep in their bitterness and joy, so she is considered an ideal “waistcoat” among friends.
  • Mature period. As in childhood, this woman likes to communicate with her brother more than with her sister. This is a little "problematic" personality: selfish, waiting from nearby compliments, not tolerating criticism. She may seem coarse, but this is only the summit of her sensual soul. She likes to go to someone for help. This artistic personality could make a career in theater or on television. She is very charming, and knows well how to put this character trait into practice.

Astrology and mysticism

  • The ideal sign of the zodiac: Libra (from September 24 to October 23).
  • Name color: beige.
  • Patron of the planet: Venus.
  • The stone that will become a talisman: yellow sapphire.
  • Totem from the animal world: a cat, and necessarily Persian.
  • Plants-mascots: hazel and chrysanthemum.

Name day: September 29 (for Catholics - the 16th). Patroness - Holy Martyr Ludmila, Czech princess. In Christianity, it was baptized by Saint Methodius himself. Killed by her pagan-relative.

Luda in various aspects of life

  • Love. When she first met Lucy tries to look modest, but in fact there is a volcano of passion in her. Since she can be called a typical female martyr, a "wrong" man can fall in love.
  • Relations. Luda may marry early, and it will not be the most successful marriage, as Luda does not accept "bending" under her spouse. The husband can be jealous of her, and for good reason - the girl loves to please all, without exception, men, and from time to time can cross the threshold of decency. Often, after a divorce (divorce), Luda lives alone, and it’s good if she manages to give birth to a child in marriage - in this case she will not be alone.
  • Family. In the house she is the mistress and commander. Wife and mother can be called just excellent. The woman is great at cooking. She loves to receive guests or go to someone, without communicating with friends, she is bored. Luda will always make time to sit with a book.
  • Job. The ideal job for Luda is not boring and not monotonous. A sympathetic woman will make an excellent doctor or nurse. She can also make a stellar career in film, theater, and television journalism. The woman is very ambitious, and knows well that she deserves fame.
  • Health. The painful part of Luda’s body can be called the lungs and bronchi. It is this woman who can suffer from asthma, catch tuberculosis. In childhood, infections constantly stick to her. In no case should they be "walking on their feet," since the disease can be avenged by a complication in the ears, and the musical girl may even partially lose her hearing.

With which man will be happy, and vice versa?

Successful Relations: Alexander, Andrei, Alexey, Vladimir, Eugene, Mikhail, Oleg, Ilya, Pavel, Igor, Sergey.

Unsuccessful Relations: Dmitry, Nikolay, Egor, Stepan, Edward.

Namesakes, thanks to which mothers called their children Luda

  1. Lyudmila Kasatkina (1925-2012) - Soviet actress, star of the still popular films "Big Break", "Calling the Fire on Herself", "Circus Princess".
  2. Lyudmila Savelyeva (1942) - Soviet actress. Known for his roles in the films "Anna Karenina", "War and Peace".
  3. Lyudmila Semenyaka (1952) - the brilliant Soviet ballerina (Bolshoi Theater), choreographer.
  4. Lyudmila Petrushevskaya (1938) - Soviet writer, from the pen of which many plays, fairy tales, novels, novels, scripts of cartoons came out (“The Stolen Sun” and others).
  5. Lyudmila Ulitskaya (1943) - Soviet and Russian writer, author of the novel "Sonia" and other works. In her novels many films were shot.
  6. Lyudmila Tatyanicheva (1915-1980) - Soviet poet, sang the working class.
  7. Lyudmila Zykina (1929-2009) - Soviet singer, most often performed folk songs.
  8. Lyudmila Gurchenko (1935-2011) - theater and film actress, singer. Famous for his role in the musical film "Carnival Night". But one of her most famous roles was the role of a mature runt in the movie “Love and Doves”.
  9. Lyudmila Sokolova (1990) - Russian pop singer.

Well, in the end, traditionally we offer a “nominal” song for everyone Ludmil. Yes, it is a chanson, but how soulful it is!