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The meaning of the sonorous name Rimma - character, destiny and family


The name Rimma has a logical version of the origin - from the name of the world famous city of Rome, first the name Rome was called men, and later they began to call girls. There are two more versions: from the Hebrew word "apple", Greek - "throwing".

The origin of the name Rimma

The diminutive form of the name: Rimka, Rimochka, Rimuska, Rimule, Mura, Rimmushka.

Rimma’s holy patron is the martyr Rimma Novodunsky. Named Rimma celebrated February 2 and July 3.


Depends on the time of year of birth of Rimma:

Winter - Polite, calm, delicate, acts according to plan. Early marries a strong man, with whom he lives like a stone wall.

Spring - Talented, optimistic, open to the world. There are always many friends around her, she does not stand in one place in life, always goes forward, expanding her horizons.

Summer - Possesses organizational talent, polite. He speaks directly, but carefully filters the words, so as not to offend the interlocutor.

Autumn - Hardworking, ambitious, diplomatic. From it the domineering leader will turn out, but fair, extinguishes any quarrel in her bud.


Rimma is developing faster than her peers, before everyone starts walking and talking. It has a very flexible body, musically gifted, artistic. It is difficult to bear rural life, at the first opportunity it moves to a large city.

He knows how to manipulate people, loves to rule over them. He prefers to be a leader than a subordinate, he easily makes friends with whom he can support any topic of conversation. Often shows feminist inclinations.

Studies well, more successful in the exact than the humanities. She can be entrusted with any task, will execute exactly in time, will not let the team down. Easily overcomes difficult obstacles on the way to the goal.

It is easy to meet people in unexpected situations, it can be like an interesting storyteller, so attentive listener. Rimma can not always be called beautiful, but she has a very bright and memorable appearance. Loves beautiful and expensive things, does not know how to save money.


Since childhood, almost nothing is sick, in part, thanks to sports activities. But she needs to learn to relax, otherwise there may be nervous breakdowns. He likes to sleep.


Her career is not in the first place in life, so it is not particularly obsessed with work. An excellent politician will come out of Rimma with her gift of persuasion, she tries to imitate famous politicians by copying their demeanor. In the creative field, she is drawn to acting, where she, in the absence of fear of the stage and the camera, can become an excellent actress, TV presenter.


It is popular with men, but rarely falls in love with them due to excessive demands on them. Weak and touchy men bypasses. If, however, falls in love with a man, it becomes tender and passionate, from her men need constant verbal declarations of love.


As husbands she will choose a handsome and rich man who can endure her uneasy character. In family life, it is rarely happy because of her sharp tongue and habit to publicly discuss the negative qualities of a husband, her children, and close relatives. For her children, she will be an excellent mother.

Horoscope named Rima

Aries - Inquisitive, reliable, pleasant to talk to. It is popular with men, but does not forgive their weaknesses and mistakes.

Taurus - Has a great sense of humor, light character. Not capable of betrayal, loves relatives and cares about them, adored by friends.

Gemini - Persistent, hardworking. Successful at work, trying to avoid routine in life.

Cancer - Has the gift of eloquence, friendly. Able to be friends, not self-serving, positive thinking, sees good in everything.

Leo - Straight, tough, but able to compromise. May sacrifice themselves for the sake of friends and relatives.

Virgo - Quiet, calm, looking for a measured and monotonous life, avoiding noisy companies. In husbands looking for a similar man.

Scales - Demanding, non-conflict, prudent. He likes to spend time with benefits, avoids noisy companies.

Scorpio - Mercenary, dreaming of wealth and glory, which is what is achieved by their labor. Leads the right way of life, of them often come across a vegetarian.

Sagittarius - Pleasant to communicate, kind, polite. Only weak character prevents her from defending her own opinion. She needs a man who can protect her.

Capricorn - Naive, shy. He does not achieve heights in life, he leads an ordinary measured life. Often mistaken in people.

Aquarius - Eccentric, likes to impress people. After marriage, she calms down, turns into an exemplary wife and caring mother.

Pisces - Capricious, vulnerable, kind. Poor tolerated criticism. Her husband should be a powerful man who can protect her.

Male Name Compatibility


  • Excellent: Alexander, Danila, Mark, Timofey.
  • The bad: Oleg, Plato, Yaroslav, Luka.

In business:

  • Excellent: Michael, Egor, Konstantin, Yuri, Arseny, Artemy.
  • The bad: Alexander, Danila, Mark, Oleg, Timofey.


  • Planet - Saturn.
  • Name color - Yellow.
  • Season - Spring.
  • Happy day of the week - Saturday.
  • Lucky number - 3.
  • Metal - Lead.
  • Zodiac sign - Taurus.
  • Element - Earth.
  • Totem animal - Dingo.
  • Tree - Lemon.
  • Mineral mascot - Opal, Onyx.

Famous people named Rimma