Dream interpretation

Uncovering the secrets of Iraida - the value, personality and characteristics of a person


  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, Pisces
  • Numerology: The number of the name 9
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Color: dark blue
  • Stone amulet: turquoise

Other forms: Raida, Ira, Ira, Ida, Irusya, Irunya, Paradise.

The emergence of the name: Slavic, Russian, Greek, Catholic.

Translating the name from the ancient Greek, we learn the meaning of "heroine" or "hero's daughter", can also be translated as "from the genus of Hera." There are other translations of the name, but they are less accurate - "hostess", "madam", "keeper". The patroness of this name is the holy martyr Iraida of Alexandria.

Earlier, so-called girls from glorious families, in which there were real heroes, warriors, conquerors, girls who were worthy of the given name. The name is quite rare and rare.

An interesting fact is that Iraida is one of those few girl names that do not have a pair with a male name. However, Heracles and Iraida can be described as similar.

Personality and personality

The carrier of the name from early childhood grows arrogant, naughty and capricious girl. Her traction in all things helps her to be successful in her studies. Also, in a complex character, a certain arrogance towards others can manifest itself, which to some extent complicates the relationship with most of the peers.

There is practically no help for the mother from Rai: you can’t wait for help around the house. She neglects housework, and in every possible way tries to avoid it, but does not tolerate a mess, and keeps her room clean.

Everything is much more difficult with teen-age. She becomes secretive and more independent, but continues to delight parents with good grades. This and other features become the basis of its adult character.

In adulthood, Iraida has in the character such features as severity and arrogance. Sometimes it even seems to other people unfeeling and cold. Her excellent education, innate sharp mind, diligence, punctuality, efficiency and the ability to achieve the right and real goals helps her achieve her goals. She always tries to maintain relationships with colleagues at the business level.

The girl is a born leader, and will not allow self-control. She has no idols, no mentors, and learns all her life from her mistakes.

Iraida is often secretive and does not trust her feelings and thoughts to anyone. She is restrained in the expression of emotions, and her inaccessibility sometimes scares men away. It upsets her, but she will by no means show it.

Rai has few friends, and by nature she tries not to get in touch with people, but with the few who are in her circle of communication, Ira is kind and patient, maintains relationships, and often invites you, and is always happy to help. By itself, the woman is clean and tidy, just tends to clean the house, keeping clean and tidy. Quite often, strict, but not selfish.

Such a girl, nothing will stop on the way to achieving the goal. This person will never wait to support the people around her, and only achieves everything on her own. Iraida always dresses with taste and fashion, it is even unusual, she loves to concentrate interest on herself. Girls envy her carefully chosen style, and the representatives of the stronger sex admire and admire her beauty.


Iraida has never complained about the state of his health. She has innate resistance to diseases and immunity, however, attention should be paid to psychological relaxation, relaxation and elimination of nervousness. Watching carefully for his body, is guided by diet and goes to the gym.

Work and career

In monetary matters, the girl is thrifty and economical, but she cannot be accused of stinginess. Choosing a profession consciously, here represents the significance of a reasonable aspect, and not a childhood dream. The specialty should be prestigious and profitable, but also interesting.

Often, starting her career from the position of an ordinary worker, Ira becomes the director of an enterprise, in the field of medicine becomes the main attending physician, and often selects the profession of a lawyer, as she feels good in verbal battles. It is impossible for her to bribe or intimidate, therefore Iraida can be a police officer or a prosecutor's office.

It also suits volitional spheres, where courage and heroism are required. She is purposeful, pragmatic, and climbs up the career ladder dizzyingly quickly. She needs to develop a very strong and persistent optimism in herself that would deprive depression of the chances of dumping a girl in a difficult moment.

Love and family

Iraida assumes the main position in the family - she plans to make repairs, build a budget, and further leave. Because of his straightforward and powerful character, a man beside him loses his masculinity, so Ira is often forced to marry several times until she meets a man with a stronger temper.

Loyalty and trustworthiness play an important role for this woman in love. Her chosen one is obliged to be neat, hard-working, tidy in the processes of activity, collected and honest. Having fallen in love, Iraida is made soft, docile and flexible, but only revealed gradually.

Iraida loves her household very much, and in every way tries to provide them with care. Children love her and are a little afraid. She is able to grow good people with clear life convictions.

Excellent compatibility: Eugene, Maxim, Miron, Gleb, Nikolai, Oleg, Dmitry, Roman, Stepan, Rostislav, Edward.

Good compatibility: Konstantin, Sergey, Vladislav, Leonid, Grigory, Igor, Stanislav, Timur.

Low compatibility: Denis, Leo, Mikhail, Rinat, Eldar, Plato, Fedor.

At first glance, a girl named Iraida may seem arrogant, too harsh. However, she is reasonable, kind, fair and courageous. Iraida awaits a cloudless fate, her life will be in prosperity, and only decent people will be close.

You need to agree more often with Iraida, she loves and appreciates the joke, if she does not touch her; in another case, Ira becomes a dangerous adversary. Does not seek and does not indulge in uncertainty and pretense. It is necessary to feel the location of the people around her, which she demands.

Name day

Celebration of the name of Iraida: September 18, September 23, October 6, February 7, March 5, March 18, August 7.

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