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Find out your stone talisman by date of birth and zodiac sign and name


Every person can really find his own stone-talisman, which will protect him from various misfortunes and misfortunes, attracting joy, wealth, success and other positive events to the life of his owner.

Knowing the date of birth of a person, as well as the year of his birth, will often help in choosing a stone amulet, and the help of a professional astrologer is often required. But you can try to determine your stone talisman by date of birth and zodiac sign and name yourself. How to do this - you can read further.

The process of choosing a mineral amulet by date of birth

In total, there are four main ways to select a patron saint by date of birth, namely:

  • taking into account the month of birth;
  • in view of the number;
  • taking into account the full date provided by the day, month and year;
  • taking into account the sign of the zodiac.

Next, we consider each of the methods in detail.

Amulet by month of birth

  • born in January - shows the purchase of jewelry with pomegranate, hyacinth, cat's eye and turquoise;
  • those whose month of birth is February are suitable for products with amethysts, pearls, hyacinths, falcon eyes, crystals of rock crystal;
  • if the month of your birth is March, you should choose aquamarines, heliotropes, jasper, rubies and tourmalines;
  • born in April - patronize diamonds, sapphires, agates and emeralds;
  • May Birthday Party - suitable options for jewelry with emerald, agate, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysoprase and tiger eye;
  • born in June - make a purchase of jewelry with pearls, alexandrite, agate, turquoise, emerald, cat's eye, chalcedony and aquamarine;
  • For the birthday of July, rubies, carnelians, turquoise, onyxes, sardonyxes, aventurines and chrysolites will help to organize life;
  • Chrysolites, alexandrites, sardonyxes, topazes, carnelians, moonstones, rubies and citrines will have their magical assistance to those whose month of birth - August.
  • born in September - you should take a closer look at sapphires, sardonyx, chrysolite, agate and smoky quartz;
  • those whose month of birth is October are patronized by tourmalines, opals, aquamarines, beryls, lapis lazuli and garnets;
  • people born in November should give their choice in favor of topaz, pearl, coral and chrysolite;
  • December birthday - patronize zircons, turquoise, heliotropes, rubies, chrysoprase, amethysts and agates.

Stone mascot on birthday

This is the second way to choose your own mineral patron, based only on the number of births.

  • if you were born on the first, tenth, nineteenth, and twenty-eighth, corals, opals, topazes and rubies will be suitable amulet stones for you;
  • born second, eleventh, twentieth and twenty-ninth numbers - you should count on the mystical support of the cat's eye, jade, opal, pearl and tiger's eyes;
  • the birthday of the third, twelfth, twenty-first and thirtieth numbers - amethysts, emeralds, corals and topazes act as gem patrons;
  • if you celebrate your birthday on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st, aquamarines, diamonds, grenades, opals and sapphires will help you harmonize your life;
  • born in the fifth, fourteenth and twenty-third numbers - you need to wear products with diamonds, light sapphires and zircons;
  • celebrating their birth in the sixth, fifteenth and twenty-fourth numbers - patronize aquamarines, beryls, emeralds, green opals and peridots;
  • those who celebrate their birth in the seventh, sixteenth, and twenty-fifth numbers will be greatly assisted by pearls, moonstones, and opals with tiger eyes;
  • the birthday of the eighth, seventeenth and twenty-sixth numbers - it is worth staying on lapis lazuli, opals and sapphires;
  • born on the ninth, eighteenth and twenty-seventh number - grenades, corals, rubies and red opals will help.

Stone mascot by date of birth

It's no secret for anyone that numbers have a huge impact on a person’s life. And, of course, the most important number is the date of birth. At the same time, it is important to consider not the combination of numbers, but reduce them to a single-digit number. Next we look at how to do this.

For example, you were born on December 26, 1994. Then the calculation will be as follows:

2 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 34. It turns out a two-digit number that needs to be turned into a single-digit one: 34 = 3 + 4 = 7. So your birth number is seven.

Each of the numbers from 0 to 9 is protected by certain precious or semi-precious minerals.

  • for "units" - invigorating aventurines are suitable, as well as carnelians who impart an ardent mutual feeling;
  • “two” - pearls will help to show their inner potential to the full, and thanks to the moonstone (adulera) such people will become more self-confident;
  • for the "triples" - suitable jewelry with turquoise and chrysolite (for a great mood);
  • "fours" - it is worth acquiring sapphires and jades to protect themselves from evil and become more successful;
  • "Five" - ​​can safely rely on emeralds charging with wisdom and tiger eyes saving from pathological jealousy;
  • "Six" - suitable products with agate, which are able to protect against detractors, as well as diamonds;
  • "sevens" - malachites will help them to stay cool, and rubies will give them the necessary vitality;
  • "Eight" - will be able to help make the right choice onyx, and grenades - will strengthen the warm friendship;
  • for the “nines” - topazes are suitable (they protect them from harm), and rock crystal crystals (give wisdom and save from passions);
  • "zero" - it is found in very rare cases, but still occurs. Zero symbolizes emptiness, mystery and unlimited space.

The gemstones patrons of those people who correspond to zero will be unusually rare red diamonds. They have incorporated the properties of diamonds and rubies, make their owner more masculine, protect them from damage and serious pathologies, and also make them more successful in life. Even for these people are also suitable rare jadeite, revealing magical abilities and majorities, giving love and family happiness.

Amulet on the Sign of the Zodiac

Each zodiac constellation has its own stones-talismans.

  • for Aries, diamonds, amethysts, garnets, pearls, rubies and chrysolites are most suitable;
  • Taurus - they can get mystical support using emeralds, onyxes, rubies, sapphires and topazes;
  • Gemini - shown to use jewelry with amethysts, pearls, emeralds, sapphire, topaz, chrysolite and citrine;
  • Crayfish - can count on the patronage of amethysts, pearls, emeralds, rubies, topazes and chrysolites;
  • Lions - they correspond astrologically to garnets, emeralds, rubies, topazes, chrysolites and citrines;
  • Virgo - should pay attention to jewelry with diamonds, garnets, emerald, sapphire, chrysolite and citrines;
  • Scales - jewels with diamond, amethyst, emerald, chrysolite and citrine help them with magic;
  • Scorpios - can count on the patronage of amethysts, garnets, rubies, sapphires and topazes;
  • Sagittarius - need the mystical support of amethysts, garnets, emeralds, sapphires, topazes and chrysolites;
  • Capricorn - astrologers recommended buying jewelry with amethyst, garnet, rauchtopaz and ruby;
  • Aquarius - should use the magic of amethysts, pomegranates, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and citrines;
  • Pisces is recommended to wear amethysts, aquamarines, pearls, sapphires and chrysolites.

Diamonds symbolize innocence, strength of mind and courage, help solve problems.

Emeralds - personified with happy love, make a person more successful in life.

Sapphires - symbolize loyalty, chastity and modesty, can attract happiness and joy in your life.

Rubies are associated with power and passionate love.

Pearls - symbolize love and devotion.

Aquamarines - are gems of "lovers", able to protect marital happiness, attract good luck to a person's life.

Amethyst - symbolize a heart of peace.

Topaz - personified with eternal friendship.

Grenades - symbolize stability.

Chrysolite - act as stone amulets, bringing peace of mind and poise.

Rauchtopazes - these mystical gems will relieve a person from pain and stress factors, they also calm the nervous system.

Citrines are responsible for good luck and good mood.

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