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Summer Solstice Celebration: All Russian Traditions and Folk Signs


Signs on the summer solstice promise us a lot of luck. No wonder, it's not for nothing that modern magicians consider it to be a day of power! This is the longest daylight possible (in 2017 it was 17 hours and 32 minutes), after which, much to the chagrin of the inhabitants of our continent, the day begins to shorten gradually.

What our ancestors did on that day

Although today Kupala is celebrated on July 7, in the old days this holiday was walked on the day of the solstice, that is, on June 21.

Why has everything changed? But simply: introducing the Christian faith, the princes did not cancel the old holidays, but "covered" them with new ones. Thus, they managed to “cross” Kupala and the feast of John the Baptist (actually, that's why they call him now Ivan Kupala), slightly moving the date of celebration of one of them.

On this day, traditionally:

  • weaving wreaths, jumping over the fire (both in the afternoon and in the late evening and even the next night),
  • collected healing herbs and flowers (it was believed that they were the strongest on Kupala),
  • they sacrificed fire and water (no bloody rituals — birch branches were put in the fire, and flowers were thrown into the river and bathed there),
  • at midnight they searched for a fern flower, hoping that it would point to the treasure hidden in the ground.

Folk omens

  • The weather did not work? Rain and cold (even just lingering clouds) can promise crop failure and not the most full of autumn.
  • Was the night very stellar? Beginning of autumn will delight mushrooms.
  • In the morning fell a whole sea of ​​dew? To a bountiful harvest! By the way, it is customary to collect this dew in a bottle or jar, it is rejuvenating and healing.
  • A child who was born on June 21 or 22 is not sick and is considered lucky in life. However, it is believed that these people have a "heavy eye", that is, they should not be the first to look at puppies born, to be interested in the plans of friends - they can jinx it.
  • If a girl or woman is poured with water by a boy or a man, they can soon become a couple. Adventurous guys use this, because it doesn’t matter whether he deliberately delivers a girl he likes on purpose or not.

What should I do on the day of the summer solstice?

  • On this day, find wild mint, thyme, or dagil. At midnight, take turns fading bunches into the fire. Smoke will go on the ground: beware of failure or illness. The post went up: you will not only be healthy, but also lucky.
  • Collect a bouquet of plants, known as Ivan-da-Marya. Hanging it over the entrance to your apartment (house), you will create a guardian against failures and just sad days.
  • Cut the birch trees, tie the bath brooms, and then take a steam bath - this procedure will wash away all the ailments from you. By the way, you can prepare brooms for future use, several months ahead (or even a year).
  • It is important to drink water from a well, and even better than a spring - it is considered healing. Girls should also wash their face so that it is ruddy and fresh by the end of the year.
  • Wait for the dawn. Having met the sun, you will gain strength and good luck for the whole year.
  • Collect embers from the bonfires. They can be decomposed around the house and the household (even scattered around the garden). Embers will become a powerful protector from evil people, as well as fire, that is, fires.
  • Make a wish (cherished, but doable), find 12 fences and move through them. Your dream must come true within 12 months.
  • From the entire wardrobe, choose a thing of a sunny color — yellow, gold. Brilliant decorations are also welcome.
  • What about marriage? Many esotericists say that solstice is ideal for this.
  • If you are a girl and only dream of meeting your destiny, during the night, find 9 holiday bonfires and dance in front of them. If you succeed, in 12 months you will already be with the desired stamp in your passport.

Why not do it? Spend this day alone, sad, indulge in despondency. The day of the summer solstice is simply created in order to get together as a family (or close friendly company) and have a good time.

Rituals on ...

  1. Attracting wealth. Shake all the coins from your wallet (or small bills if there is no metallic money in your country). Fold the money under the threshold (if you live in a private house), or a gap near the front door in the apartment. Everything! You have let the financial flow know where it should go, now wait for the wallet to thicken.
  2. Fulfillment of dreams (desires). Collect the wildflowers. When weaving a wreath from them, think that your desire has already come true - try to do it in detail, without losing a single sensation. After that, put a wreath on your head and, if possible, wear it until the evening.
  3. Attracting good luck, positive changes in life. On the night from 21 to 22, walk around the house, turning everything that comes to you: dishes, shoes, chairs - let everything be turned upside down! After you say: "The house is upside down, changes every day." In the morning, put all things in place.

What other rituals can be performed on this day? The answer is in this video:

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