Dream interpretation

What does Radmila's name mean and how is her fate


The Slavic name Radmila has two basic meanings. It is joy and affection or the joy of the world with a different reading with an alternating consonant. A happy name implies a good fortune, great fortune, but also the serious challenges of fate that are necessary for the development of a strong character. A woman with this name was born to rule, reign, rejoice in victories.

The male version of the name Radmir, Radimir. Named for the Slavic names are not celebrated, because there was no place for them in the Christian conventions. If necessary, baptism, Radmila can choose any name from among those included in the calendar. In accordance with the historical tradition of Orthodoxy, you can choose a Greek or Jewish name, and celebrate the day of the angel in accordance with the new name.

Name options

  • Other readings: Radomil, Radmir, Radomir, Milorad.
  • Diminutive options: Radushka, Radmilushka, Radonka, Donyushka, Donya, Milushka.
  • Abbreviations: Rada, Mila, Ra.


  • Zodiac sign - Aquarius. This sign implies force and variability, a tendency to mystifications. In the lives of people associated with the sign of Aquarius, unexpected and mysterious events often occur.
  • Color - burgundy, lingonberry, cherry, pink, purple.
  • The tree is aspen.
  • Plant - barberry, blueberry.
  • The animal is a squirrel or beaver, depending on the month of birth according to the Slavic calendar.
  • Talisman - amethyst, emerald, jasper, sapphire.

Name Compatibility

The name is best compatible with male names containing the voiced consonant or the letter "p" - Igor, Kirill, Ratibor, Radomir, Alexander, Dmitry, Andrey, Ingvar, Vladimir, Artemy. The presence of a voiced consonant promises a loud romance with passions and battles, which are so lacking in Radmila’s boring everyday life.

With gentle male names, a happy and long-lasting union is possible, but Radmila will continue to dream of a romantic hero and risk losing real happiness with Ivan, Leonid, Alexei, Nikolai.


Radmila is usually very sociable and lonely at the same time. She lacks loyal friends, but none of those around her seems worthy of true friendship. Persistent and intelligent, strong and bright, she constantly suffers from inadequacy, she always thinks she deserves more, and she’s right. The problem is that everyone deserves more.

If a girl manages to believe in herself, find her vocation, reveal the best sides of her character, she becomes soft and tender, amazing, and astounding with her abilities. She can draw a picture, write music, embroider a carpet or a panel as if she had studied it all her life.

Only by receiving the admiration of others and their unconditional approval, she becomes a true self, learns to appreciate other people, to love children. Due to the fact that the process of finding oneself is often delayed, she has to love and indulge her grandchildren. And the best grandmother can not be found. She can cook the most delicious pancakes or pizza, play an active game, make a fairy tale and turn the life of kids into a magical adventure full of love, light and delicious events.

Vulnerability and weaknesses lie in the desire to dominate, the tendency to simple power solutions. Unfortunately, the power superiority does not give any moral and moral advantages. Faithful and loyal, but not showing their affection externally. Rada are extremely upset when it turns out that they are considered as a backup or pass-through option. Envy, evil language, inability to forgive, intolerance of the imperfection of other people - the real enemies of this name.

How is fate?

As a child, Radmila pleases her parents with a bright, lively mind, friendliness, sociability and scares with strange non-childish fantasies. Teachers and educators recommend to pay attention to the talents of the child who need development, but there are too many talents, the girl is restless and often changes her mind about what exactly she likes to do. In her decisions, the girl is very categorical and able to insist.

Persuasion, beliefs, threats and any measures of influence do not frighten her. In the end, she is allowed to do what she wants, in the hope that true talent can manifest itself. As a rule, this does not happen. The success of the initially less gifted classmates and classmates becomes a painful blow for the girl.

If a girl is able to get together and choose the scope of application of numerous talents - she will be able to realize herself. But here the unhappy love, betrayal, passion and heavy disappointments come on the scene. Life presents her with gifts that she considers honestly deserved, earned, and does not appreciate, spends thoughtlessly. She can endlessly humiliate her man, believing that if the love is true, then it will not go anywhere. Alas, it is not.

For most girls, one grave disappointment is enough. But not for Radmila, if she is left to herself. She wins the hearts of successful and in all respects enviable men who are ready not only to marry, but to go after her to the ends of the earth - such is the strength of her charisma. And time after time she kills love with a multitude of minor insults, attempts to arouse jealousy, ridicule, gossip behind her back, which she dissolves about her chosen one.

Appearing as an amazing muse that inspires success, it quickly, in just a couple of years, becomes a real saw, dissatisfied with everything, including the height of the stems of hundreds of roses, with the wrong amount of diamonds in a wedding ring. Everything in the world becomes an object of secret criticism, rumors and gossip.