Dream interpretation

Thursday, in which the house, and the body, and the soul are cleansed


Our people respect this holiday very much - Great, Passionate, it is Pure Thursday (signs, customs, conspiracies, prayers for health are vivid proof). He falls on the 4th day of Holy Week (or Holy Week). It was on this day that the last supper took place, at which Jesus Christ treated the apostles with bread and wine, washed their feet and said goodbye to them, knowing that he was prepared for the cup. It is believed that on this holiday you can get rid of many sins and even improve your own life.

Folk signs associated with this holiday

  • If you have lost something important for yourself, you can find it by spring cleaning the house that day.
  • If you throw trash out of the house on Pure Thursday, a lot of negative will leave it, and happiness will fly to the vacant place.
  • Make a rearrangement of furniture, you will live a rich.
  • If you count all the money that is in the house (to the last coin) three times, you will not feel the lack of funds until the end of the year. Important! This should be done early in the morning (before sunrise), exactly at noon, and also at sunset, moreover, so that no one can see you (hide even from relatives).
  • In order not to lose your luck, lend nothing and give nothing to anyone on this day. However, this rule has one exception: salt. If you borrow some salt from your neighbors, whose family you consider exemplary, you can bring some family energy into your home (and you don’t harm them, because people who share good power with someone get more than that).
  • If you cut your hair on Pure Thursday, you can cut off a lot of sins from yourself.
  • Look out the window in the morning. Who will you see first? Grandpa: you're out of luck. A guy or a dog: be happy. Child: you have to learn something. Girl: omen promises you family happiness.
  • From Thursday to Friday you can not leave soaked, but not washed clothes, as well as dirty dishes.
  • If you have attended the liturgy, bring a candle from the church to the house and light it, it will clear the house of evil and heavy energy.

According to custom, this day is necessary ...

  • Swim. Moreover, it is necessary to make it early in the morning, that is, before sunrise. Having washed well (or at least ritually bathed in clean water), you can wash away both sins and diseases. And the last - a year in advance. If you have a bath, it will be nice for the whole family to steam up there. Important! To think about this “procedure” is only about good.
  • Confess and communion. Sin is a disease of the soul, and ordinary bathing can not always wash it off. It would be better if his father will let you go.
  • Tidy up the house, wash all the windows. First, the custom says: after your home shines clean, hundreds of joys will settle in it. And secondly, after this even more strict church holidays will follow, during which it will be prohibited to clean the house.
  • Wash silver. In the evening on Maundy Thursday, pour water into a small bowl, put something silver there (it could be a ring, earrings, a spoon). On Good Friday morning, wash the children with this water, and do not forget about yourself. So for a year you will protect your family from the evil eye and the machinations of evil forces.
  • Prepare Thursday salt, the strongest guardian against damage. Our great-grandmothers baked it in the oven, mixing with salt. Today, knowledgeable women do this: they mix ordinary salt with rye flour, pour it into a frying pan, fry until the mixture becomes brown in color (no need to leave the plate - stir the salt, reading "Our Father"). Salt is poured into the bag (not in the bag, the "packaging" should be natural). If someone gets sick, salt it with this salt. If the bag is tied with a red ribbon (cord), you can wear it as a charm.
  • Cook Easter cakes, Easter eggs, Easter eggs. Since this is the most "working" day before Easter, work for the glory! Important: you need to cook today with prayer and good, bright thoughts.

Folk magic: conspiracies associated with this day

  1. Plot on clean water It is used by people who do not have the opportunity to swim completely. In such cases, take a jug (or at least a cup) and whisper a plot over it, and then wash their face with “magic water”. They say this: "Clean water - drink health, clean water - heal the soul. Leave early sins - daytime, evening - nightly, evil thoughts, sad thoughts, offensive words, invisible sins! closed! "
  2. Plot for the wealth of this house, that is, for money. Pour more water into the bucket (bowl, basin). Put a handful of coins in there. Speak these words: "Money-coins, like leaves on a branch, grow for the future, in my wallet." It is with this water that you need to wash the windows and the doors in your house. When the cleaning is completed, pour the water not into the dustbin, but under a living (not dry) tree, and carefully remove the coins and stack them in a clean corner. Let them lie there for a week, luring wealth into the house, and then you can spend it.
  3. A plot to marry and love. You need handmade soap. Wash them in the morning, without lending to anyone (you can only touch yourself with soap). When cleaning the house, use the same bar. While working you need to sentence: "(Name), stick to me like this soap." It is advisable to wash it off without a trace, and if, nevertheless, a piece of soap remains, put it near the church fence. Important: the action of the conspiracy is not instantaneous, the result you can expect no earlier than on the 40th day after Easter.

Prayers for Health on Pure Thursday

Most often they are associated with the preparation of the Thursday salt. For example, in some regions during the "frying" of salt there is a special ritual: three times "Our Father" is read, three times "Mother of God", three times "Sleep of the Most Holy Mother of God", then seven times "Living Aid".

Also very effective is considered such a prayer: