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Find a ring: good or bad luck


Is it favorable or not to find a ring? Signs say: there are different situations, and in some cases, the found decoration should not be raised in any case, but in other situations it is a great sign. How to figure out what is good and what is bad? We will study the popular wisdom, in this case the popular recommendations are quite reasonable.

Caution - danger!

In general, the finding of jewelry - a positive sign. But there is one problem related to the fact that rings are very often used to remove damage. Clients of special "specialists" agree to get rid of the negative, passing it on to an unknown person. The ritual is that all the negative energy of a person is transferred to the ring, and it is thrown onto the road (most often at a crossroads, as recommended in such rituals).

Even if you do not believe in such things as the transfer of damage through objects, it is better not to risk it once again. Buy yourself a ringlet or ask your relatives, but do not lift the rings at the crossroads, especially gold or silver. Such a find looks rather suspicious! And even more so you should not wear such a decoration.

Sorry to pass by? Think about the fact that perhaps this thing will cost you much more than what it costs. Maybe with her you will take away all the problems of the former owner. And who knows how great these problems were? Maybe the ring was used in the ritual of transmitting a serious illness or death damage.

It also looks very strange if you find a ring unfamiliar to you at home. Do not rush to rejoice! Ask yourself questions: where did it come from in your home? Why did none of your friends and girlfriends ask you about the disappearance? In order not to risk, it is better not to touch such an object with your hands, but to take it through a rag and throw it outside (preferably in a place where no other person, more naive, could find it).

Recall the main reasons for suspicion:

  • place of find - intersection
  • the find itself is an expensive gold or silver ring
  • unexpected find in your own apartment

Good sign

Of course, sometimes the rings just lose, without any malice! Locations that do not arouse suspicion:

  • beach
  • a park
  • forest
  • public transport
  • score
  • Cafe
  • fitness center changing room
  • pool

However, many popular superstitions, in this case, do not recommend picking up such a ring and wearing it. Just rejoice at a good sign - such a discovery promises you good luck in your personal life, in the financial sphere or in your career, and then hang a little ring on a tree branch or bury it deeper into the sand. This is especially true of jewelry found in nature. But choose yourself anyway!

If the place of find does not cause you fear, then you can pick up the ring. However, many authors strongly recommend either melting the ring or consecrating it in the church. Do not forget that you do not know anything about the previous owner of the ring. Maybe he had a serious illness or a severe one.

What does it mean to find a wedding ring

The wisdom of the people considers the situation when a person finds a wedding ring to be a particularly good sign. In this case, omen promises great happiness. If you are not yet in a relationship, then a wedding awaits you, while family life will be very happy, without quarrels.

If you already have a loved one, then soon he will make you an offer. If you are already married, then perhaps you will have a child soon (a grandson will appear). Another value of the find is happiness in relationships, mutual respect and love in the family. It is also possible promotion, offering a good job. In general, it is usually considered that a ring with a stone speaks about pregnancy, and without a stone it says about moving up the career ladder.

It happens that the find lay for a long time in the open air and its appearance is not the best. In this case, the sign says that a positive value has a new ring that does not have defects. If you find a ring that has already lost its beautiful appearance, then in this case the presence of defects somewhat reduces the positive value of the find, but does not cancel it.

Does metal matter?

If you find a gold ring, then this is a sign of a major change in your life. Expect pay increases, promotions, joyful events and great pleasures.

Silver ring promises deliverance from disease and anxiety. And even the simplest ring made of copper or another inexpensive alloy speaks of luck. Such a discovery heralds the emergence of a new friend, a patron, a faithful adviser in a difficult situation.