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Itching terribly elbow: what to expect from life


If you scratch your right elbow, a sign that is much older than our grandmothers and even great-grandmothers will help find out the cause of the phenomenon and predict possible future events. Folk beliefs exist for the localization of an unusual itch on the left elbow, as well as on both at once. It is imperative to understand the nature of the pain itself, which is why your elbow began to itch.

In those old times, when our ancestors were inclined to mythologize any phenomenon occurring in the surrounding nature or in their own organism, the subtle observations that became the basis will take and superstitions, allowed a person to get a sense of predictability, security, control and confidence in the future day.

Beliefs are relevant to this day, so it’s worth finding out: are those mockers who recommend first of all to wash themselves with such elbow scabies, or does the latter really mean something important to its owner, as claimed by popular superstitions?

What does the itching of both elbows indicate?

Our poor elbows, which always bump against something and suffer from the friction of synthetic clothing, very often cause the desire to scratch them. However, if the latter becomes especially intrusive, and the itch is intense - this is certainly no accident!

People's omen says that this phenomenon is associated with upcoming very unusual events that can be expected with optimism, because they bring good luck with them. It may be necessary to catch her literally enough to “knock her elbows”, but this will surely give her a happy result.

There is another extravagant belief, according to which both elbows itch to the fact that you may spend the night in a near time on someone else's bed. It is not necessary to interpret this sign as a potential chance to find a soul mate, since changing a place for a night’s rest can mean moving to a new dwelling, and an ordinary overnight from a friend.

What does the right elbow itch for?

If only one arm is scratched in the elbow area on the right, you have no reason to worry, since the right side of our body is often associated with extremely positive events. Possible options for their development:

  • if itching occurs after you accidentally hit them on furniture or other items, a secret admirer or an existing boyfriend is likely to be thinking of you, who will give you a lot of attention in the very near future;
  • elbow itch under clothing promises you a gift;
  • if you are a young girl, then you should expect dates and romance, which will have serious consequences;
  • the itchy elbow of a married lady speaks of a quick journey to distant lands;
  • if you are a man, then in the near future you will have a chance to prove yourself with dignity and in a favorable light, but there is also a possibility that you have an enemy who speaks badly about you;
  • the itch of the elbow is somewhat alarming immediately after waking up, since the sign advises in this case to be on the alert and get ready for the fact that you are deceived by a close person from whom you do not expect this;
  • if your right elbow is the culprit of a broken cup or tea saucer, this promises you a very large scandal, where the charges will be mutual.

Does the interpretation of omens depend on the day of the week?

Long-held beliefs state that this is so: depending on the day of the week, in which the right elbow was combed, the significance of this phenomenon differs:

  • on Monday, elbow itch among school and university students promises fruitful studies with a mass of excellent grades and the location of mentors;
  • on Tuesday, your right elbow does not itch for good - most likely you will have to quarrel with your work colleagues, and if you study, you will get bad grades due to insufficient training;
  • on Wednesday and Thursday, itchy elbow promises a long-awaited meeting with friends and a pleasant pastime in a warm spiritual company;
  • on Friday this phenomenon promises a possible forthcoming journey, and a noisy friendly party in the coming days;
  • at the weekend, this sign indicates that your relatives will need your help soon, so be prepared to provide it and try not to refuse.

What about the left elbow?

Folk superstitions are not so optimistic if the left elbow begins to itch.

The left side of the body, not only in mythology, but also in a number of modern religions is viewed in a negative way. For example, Muslims consider it unclean, negative, bad. Many nations believed that it was on the left shoulder that the evil spirit was sitting, that the day started from the left foot would not be set, that left-handers were rejected by God.

If the left elbow is scratched, mixed troubles and troubles are likely to darken your peace of mind. In order not to fall into the alterations of various kinds, you should expect every step and think through the situation to the smallest detail.

As the ancestors believed, in case of itching of the left elbow, clarifications of the relationship and their discord are coming, so you need to do everything necessary to avoid complications with a loved one.

Some people have no doubt that the left elbow is scratched by those who are inclined to envy others, put sticks in their wheels and try to get ahead of them in one way or another.

In addition, there is a kind of belief that says: the left elbow itches to a certain event that can turn the life of its owner upside down. It can be a promotion notice on the career ladder, a love confession, or even a sentence following it.

And if not to accept?

If your elbow is unbearably itchy, there are rashes on it, or it has changed its color, hurry to see a doctor: you may have dermatitis or an allergic reaction from wearing poor-quality synthetic clothing.

Stop using unsafe, questionable materials in favor of natural ones in your wardrobe. Carefully follow the doctor’s prescribed therapy. The symptoms of allergy or contact dermatitis will disappear without a trace if you stick to the prescriptions. You can not leave such symptoms without attention, be sure to engage in the prevention of your own body.

Only after undergoing treatment in the system of official medicine (up to the disappearance of symptoms) can we return to studying the beliefs of our ancestors, who, of course, did not have modern capabilities and were forced to write off painful symptoms as manifestations of the evil will of unwelcome spirits.