Dream interpretation

Dreamed dead animals - transcript for different dream books


In the wild taiga, and in the urban jungle, it is not uncommon to meet dead animals. Of course, this causes horror, fear, pain, regret, shame for the cruelty and injustice of this world to our smaller brethren. Find out what dead animals dream about in popular dream books.

General interpretation

Dead animals in a dream bear unequivocal symbolism. To begin with, all living animals personify freedom, serving their instincts of self-preservation, reproduction. They are subject to emotional impulses that are difficult to curb, especially when it comes to wild animals.

All animals and birds have a certain similarity with the character and habits of a person, temperament, and even appearance. A dead animal may reflect some deviations from the habitual behavior of the dreamer, point to circumstances that have changed his appearance beyond recognition. Also such dreams signify those circumstances that will be trials for the sleeper, changing his future.

A prediction can be positive if in a dream it was necessary to defend oneself from a fierce, dangerous predator, defeat it and remain whole. This personifies a certain opposition, prompting the dreamer that you are able to take a punch and not break. The will is given in order to overcome difficulties, solve problems and cope with all sharp turns of fate.

Birds in a dream personify the human soul, the same air and soaring. Dead birds can foreshadow mental distress, longing and sadness. Dreamed of a dead stork - a bad sign for those who dream of happy motherhood. Such a plot can predict problems with the conception of a child or infertility.

The butterfly is a symbol of joy, carelessness, frivolity, love. To see her in a dream, lying on the ground without moving, means quickly growing up, knowing the sorrows and sufferings. The tests that befell the dreamer will be difficult but surmountable.

The dream dreamer's carcass was dreamed - in reality it would be possible to curb its own impulsiveness, stubbornness, jealousy, ardent passion. A good time to understand your feelings and emotions without harming others. But in another interpretation, such a plot can negatively affect masculine strength, since a ram is a fiery sign of love and sexual potency.

Feeling like a bullfighter and stabbing a bull in a dream is a good sign. For a man, this foreshadows the strengthening of his power, strength, power and fertility. You will strengthen your position in a particular area, learn to influence situations quickly and clearly. You can envy your reaction to various changes in the business environment. Your confidence, determination, success, self-sufficiency make you a support for the circle of loved ones, giving them confidence in stability and hope for well-being.

Defeating an attacking wolf - in reality, cope with a difficult financial situation, gain new experience, curb deceit, greed and cruelty of those who are trying to destroy you. In this case, this beast may personify an excessive thirst for consumption and enrichment in the modern world. To some extent, the dreamer will be able to stop this and make the existence of his loved ones easier and happier.

I saw a flock of dead crows - a symbol of hope for change for the better. These birds always carried symbolism associated with war, death and misfortune. The dead flock is a sign that you have managed to overcome a series of troubles and cope with all the difficulties.

To kill a snake is to get rid of temptation, fall, sexual weakness and lack of will. The snake is a symbol of a multitude of dangers, it personifies female perfidy, cunning, wisdom. To the dreamer, such a plot may promise deliverance from the greedy and mercantile person who dreamed of ruining you. For women, such a vision will become a symbol of changes in their lifestyle, character, habits, and values. This marks an internal struggle with the snake hiding in it.

I saw the blood of an animal or a separate head - such a dream does not promise anything good. It should prepare for the harsh times, stock up on food and everything you need. You can expect anything: from changes in the country's economy to a natural cataclysm. In any case, it will greatly affect your financial situation.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Dead animals may indicate the dreamer's impotence, the loss of his masculine energy, sterility and infirmity. Fighting with a lion and overcoming him means cope with your own jealousy and unrestrained passion, cultivate trust, love and tenderness.

Animals killed by their own hands can personify the repressed hunting instinct of a modern, civilized person. Men are often forced to keep themselves within certain limits, not showing sexual desire, hiding dissatisfaction. For girls, natural modesty and shyness are often a barrier to finding a true male who would discover her truly feminine principle.

To defend oneself from the attack of an animal in a dream and to kill it means to experience real sexual experiences. You have to hold back attacks, sexual aggression and elements of partner violence. You will be able to stop his attempts to constantly dominate you, to subordinate to their whims and desires.

Gustov Miller

Dead animals are the harbinger of positive moments in life. The interpreter associates animals with enemies, enemies and opponents. Suppressing their attack means coping with the attempts of real people to harm your business, family relationships, or relationships with friends.

An exotic beast dreamed, lying motionless on the sand - this may be a sign of the fulfillment of a strange desire. There is something very surprised and delighted. Many such creatures personify a series of pleasant events and perspectives.


To sleep in a cemetery of animals - do not expect pleasant changes. A lot of time and effort will be spent on something that will not have meaning and practical use for you. You missed a lot of unrealized opportunities and buried your dreams. Such a vision may inspire someone to action. Obviously, all is not lost.

Health problems can occur in those dreamers who dream of decomposed animals or birds. It should not hesitate to go to the doctor and do not self-medicate.

Dead livestock in a dream suggests that the dreamer incorrectly prioritizes and this leads to bad consequences.