Dream interpretation

Sex in a dream - what it can mean for different dream books


Intimacy - an integral sphere of human life. And if in the years of stagnation it was of a private nature, it was not given publicity, now it is customary to talk and discuss it. What dreams of sex, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Sex in a dream is one of the ways the dreamer can express himself. He personifies some pressing experiences, dissatisfaction, disappointment. Aggressive position in intimate proximity speaks of the thirst for the power of the sleeper. You dream to raise your credibility among others. The image of the leader and the leader does not allow you to sleep.

To feel the same tension after making love is to achieve a certain status and position in life, but absolutely not to rejoice in it. Perhaps you were expecting more or simply forgotten how to enjoy the usual extraordinary things.

Watching a couple that has sex - to miss the real opportunities that would bring you closer to success and make you more financially independent. Instead, humbly contemplate how your place is occupied by a work colleague or business competitor.

A woman dreamed of being in bed with a stranger - a good sign. In the short term, you will get rid of complexes, low self-esteem and excessive modesty. In your life will be the one who inspires confidence, reveal your attractiveness, liberates sexuality.

Love with a spouse in a dream marks the stability and sense of security of a woman. The dreamer is clear and obvious to herself in this life. But if intimacy brought discomfort - the moment will come when you want to talk about your relationship and find out mutual feelings.

I saw immediate sexual intercourse, long and monotonous - this reflects stagnation in urgent matters, obstacles and delays in the implementation of plans. You do not see progress and work results, but at the same time you experience constant fatigue, stress, irritability.

Seeing oneself in a position from above — in reality show one’s authority, influence the opinions, positions and decisions of many people. Your leadership qualities, dominance can significantly change the way of life not only yours, but also those around you.

To imagine a same-sex relationship in a dream is to try to suppress the internal conflict between the male and female potential of the individual. Outwardly, this can be expressed in the wardrobe of clothes, habits and tastes. You strive not to appear as an asocial person and to be attractive to society, but at the same time not to contradict your desires.

She dreamed of becoming a victim of sexual violence - in reality, under pressure from an influential person. This depresses you, because, being afraid of losing a promising position and a high salary, you are forced to carry out not impartial instructions of the leadership, to conflict with your conscience.

Engaged in virtual sex - a dream hints at your misconceptions about the reciprocity of the partner. It seems to you that you are sexy enough, are virtuoso in bed and only this is the main factor of a love affair. But in fact, your partner is holding alongside you with other reasons. You can easily understand them by carefully watching your second half.

To a man to make love in a public library means to become more famous, popular, and famous. You want to talk about you on the sidelines of high society, admire your physique and mental abilities.

For women, such a vision signifies inner liberation, the disclosure of their sexual beginnings. Sleep predicts a period when you need to expect a large number of fans. Good time to choose a decent partner. You will greatly marry family happiness and well-being.

I dreamed of experimenting in sex, taking various exotic poses - this speaks of your lifeless tirelessness, the constant desire to diversify your existence, avoid boredom and everyday dullness. You are in the eternal search for beautiful fragments and tastes of life. You will have something to remember in old age, and, maybe, tell your grandchildren.

Classic sex in the missionary position suggests that the sleeper all the time limits his abilities and restrains desires, living within certain limits of his being.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Sex in a dream represents the real state of affairs of the dreamer in the intimate sphere. Dreamed of having sex with the first comer speaks of forced sexual abstinence due to heavy workload, adherence to religious principles or just internal complexes and barriers. In this case, the dreamer is experiencing a strong sexual dissatisfaction and tension, which interferes with a normal and full-fledged existence.

Beat off from a sexual harasser in dreams - do not feel attracted to a real partner. Perhaps, between you, past passion and intimate intimacy with this person has passed away, to a large extent, you are more than pleasure. It is better to be honest with yourself and your partner and put an end to the relationship in time.

Gustov Miller

I was pleased to enjoy a love idyll - it means that in real life your personal relationships are at the peak of mutual passion. The brighter the memories of sex in a dream, the more good memories you expect relationships in the future.

A man pay for sex girl - a dream is a reflection of his real life. The dreamer has a strong business acumen, very practical and mercantile. In his mind there is no place for feelings of love, mutual respect, understanding and compassion. He cleverly copes with difficult situations and solves existing problems by means of a monetary equivalent. For him, it is convenient, familiar, does not require unnecessary responsibility and obligations.

David loff

Sexual overtones of a dream can embody the inner experiences, growth and development of the personality. Weakness and immobility in sex marks a slow-moving person who passes by her happiness, losing potential.

Preference for a passive position in love means the purposelessness of life. The dreamer has no life orientation and purposefulness. High temperament and passion in dreams reflects the active life position of the sleeper. You do not sit still waiting for success and glory to come. You are ready to act for your prosperity and family well-being.