Dream interpretation

What does shit in dreams mean - self-decryption


To see shit in a dream is one of the best signs, because it is a lot of money. To the big problems too, but first of all - to the money. According to the interpretation of Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychoanalysts, shit and gold are identical in human consciousness.

Our subconscious, inherited from primates, assures us that this is the best that one person can give to another. According to Freud’s interpretation, if you don’t want money from people, you’ll get shit at best. That is, the content of the deep soul and rich inner world. If you do not want shit - you have a chance to get money. We will understand what dreams shit.

Why is shit in a dream valuable and significant

The importance of excrement comes to us from childhood, from the time when infant memories do not persist, that is, to about 3-5 years. At this age, the body represents the maximum value and object of study. The process of defecation, the release of an additional item from oneself is extremely interesting for the child.

Selected is also valuable because it was a part of the body, has a similar temperature and softness. Many children seek to absorb the selection, that is, to eat again to avoid the loss of a precious piece. Some children use excrement for creativity, consciously sacrificing a part of themselves to decorate and mark surrounding objects, make the room a part of themselves and increase their influence.

To see shit in a dream is a return to a child’s behavior and value system. You see the most significant means of influence, that is, money, power, gold.

Interpretations from authorities

  • Freud's dream interpretation and dream interpretation unambiguously view shit as gold and money in reality. Most psychoanalysts with him are in solidarity with this interpretation. Another thing is that gold and money do not mean automatic happiness, the fulfillment of a dream, but rather the opposite, contribute to the fusion of the image of a person with a psychoanalytic interpretation.
  • Freud's dream book also notes the possible existence of some dirty secrets that you don’t want to touch. If you don’t devote time and attention to problem solving, you have a chance to ruin your life.
  • Dream Lofa promises abundance or a huge dream of wealth. You will be able to realize a dream only with the condition of complete material independence at the initial stage.
  • Tibetan dream book promises care and anxiety. If you come in a cake, you do not need to worry. Unrest will only attract trouble. Treat little adversity with the utmost indifference.
  • Menengetti in his interpretation of the dream book pays attention to eating shit. This can be perceived as a degradation of the individual into infant states. In this case, you need to contact neurologists. Or severe stress, fear, the need to intensify the instincts of self-preservation.
  • A female dream book recommends that you treat a dream as a reflection, an intuitive psychoanalysis, a sign of dissatisfaction with yourself, your achievements. Dream Interpretation warns that to dive into the depths of reflection is meaningless. This is just a dream that shows slight depression and fatigue.

Basic Values

  • Swim in the excrement - or you visit a high fashion week and buy a full set of branded items, or the income will flow continuously, although not as much as we would like. In any case, you are already close to the cherished goal.
  • If shit in a dream falls on your head - wait for easy money. Lottery winnings, gifts, incredible stories. But do not try to look for adventure. If you go to a casino in the hope of winning or even earning, you will lose all that is and a little more.
  • Manure, guano, animal excrement dream to excellent honest earnings, good harvest, high profits, business expansion.
  • The sea, huge piles of feces - a profitable investment, investment.
  • The second value of shit in a dream, except for money - this is dirty rumors that will dissolve about you. Many people will shake hands with you in reality, sincerely smile, strive to get to know you better, penetrate your secrets. All this is only in order to pour out the tub of slop, trying to pour to sensitive places. Unfortunately, everything is connected to each other, you will have to learn to smile, standing in streams of shit and try not to let the wave go.
  • To see shit in a dream, hidden in a closet, basement, well, and in other similar places - to open some disgusting and significant secret associated with your family.
  • Clean shit in a dream - to ruin, poverty, hard work and shame.
  • Dirty suit or dress - to glory. Trying to wipe the stain - to notoriety.
  • Dive, dive headlong, splash - to loud glory. Not always good, but always ringing.


Shit in a dream not only demonstrates the well-being and openness to the world, significant creative potential. It is also a sign of confusion, infantilism. Something pushed you toward child perception. Perhaps it makes sense to rest, take a vacation. It is worth a little to reduce the level of openness, or at least strengthen security measures. Envious and detractors you have enough, let them deal with other people.

Do not hesitate to ask for help, love and support from the widest possible range of people, but do not let your guard down. Negative values ​​associated with dirty secrets, lies, fiction, which may be true enough to balance the sparkling golden side of the dream.