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Theta healing meditation for instant healing of your life: types and methods


Theta healing meditation is based on the teachings of Vianna Stible - a girl who is famous for her unique spiritual practices and clairvoyance abilities. It is believed that this way of working with consciousness helps to heal life from the negative and be filled with positive energy.

Who should try theta healing meditation?

In order to start practicing, no special knowledge or experience is required. Enough to have the desire and understand their goals. Therefore, such meditation is attractive both for newcomers to spiritual development, and for "advanced users."

To whom does this spiritual practice suit:

  1. Anyone who wants to expand the scope of consciousness and get out of the comfort zone to improve their lives and start positive changes.
  2. Anyone who has at least the beginnings of extrasensory abilities and wants to develop them. This is also useful for those who practice esotericism: shamans, tarologists, astrologers, numerologists, healers and fortune-tellers
  3. Anyone who is interested in psychology, especially its varieties such as neuro-linguistic programming, coaching, psychotherapy
  4. People who have their own business and who want to bring it to a new, more successful level
  5. Anyone who has problems in any area of ​​life: financial, personal, career
  6. Anyone who is in search of a destination and the notorious "cause of a lifetime"
  7. Practicing any other spiritual methods for the expansion of consciousness and self-development

Especially effective theta healing meditation works for those who need practice for instant healing of their lives. Try it if you suffer from complexes, self-doubt, fears and phobias, depressions.

Features of meditation

Before you begin to practice it is important to understand how it works and what goals it helps to achieve.

Features of theta-healing technique:

  • You will be able to awaken the hidden powers of your body, which are given to you by nature. This is a dormant potential that has not yet been applied.
  • You will learn to completely relax and control your mind in all situations of life. It helps to develop awareness, learns to enjoy the moment and get happiness in simple things.
  • You must believe in God, the Universe or other Higher Forces, because the religious component of meditation is very important.
  • You will heal your physical body and soul, free yourself from negative emotions and be filled with positive energy.
  • You will learn what your brain theta rhythms are and how they work.
  • You will translate consciousness to a qualitatively new level and learn how to receive energy from the Divine flow.

During meditation, consciousness is reprogrammed, the standard perception of reality changes, negative blocks and clips are removed, which stretch in your family from generation to generation. Replace spiritual limitations with true freedom of thought.

Types of Theta Healing Courses

Independently mastering such a complex meditation is almost impossible, you have to go to certified trainers. Depending on your level of spiritual development, they may offer meditation courses that differ in their level of difficulty.

The main stages of immersion in theta healing:

  1. Elementary. You are aware and understand how much energy is already in your body. There is a complete immersion in theta rhythms of the brain, begin the practice of theta states. Get rid of fears and activate the body's internal reserves to maintain youth and vital energy.
  2. Deep. Knowledge becomes more perfect, you learn to implement theta healing techniques in everyday life. At this stage, consciousness changes dramatically, you learn to heal yourself and others from the burden of the past, cleanse yourself from the negative and practice deep work with the chakras
  3. The manifestation of abundance. An advanced level that teaches easy to fulfill desires and create positive energy radiation around you. At this stage, negative beliefs and attitudes are removed and programming for success occurs in all spheres of life.
  4. Intuitive anatomy. At this stage, a complete and in-depth study of the organism takes place at the DNA level. You learn to literally scan your body, understand different internal vibrations, transform energy
  5. The game of life. The final stage in which you learn to realize the hidden potential and activate it at full capacity

Watch a video about theta healing meditation for the opening of energy channels:

Results of regular practice

If you firmly introduce theta healing techniques into your life, you can achieve the following results:

  • Believe in yourself, the power of your consciousness, in your abilities. There will also be a belief in love and wonders, there will be programming in a positive way
  • Launch the processes of self-knowledge, as a result of which the gift of clairvoyance can develop. Learn to hear intuition and correctly interpret forebodings.
  • Learn to help not only yourself, but also those around you. You will be able to "scan" the body of a stranger and determine what problems exist in his aura.
  • Get skills to work with negative attitudes and limiting beliefs. Solve all sorts of problems in relationships with others
  • You will have every chance of becoming a happy, successful and harmonious person who knows what he wants from life and achieves this.

Positive results can touch absolutely every area of ​​your life. Many practitioner reviews confirm this. But it is important to understand that efficiency depends primarily on how ready you are for change and action.