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Which stone is suitable for women Virgos: the best mascots


What you need to know which stone is suitable for women-Virgos? This information will allow you to choose your ideal amulet, the properties of which will best strengthen your strengths and neutralize the weak.


We will talk about several minerals that are best suited for Virgos. But it is equally important to use the selected stone correctly so that its magical properties help, and not harm.

Here are some recommendations:

  1. If you want to use the magical properties of the mineral charm, it should be worn in earrings or rings. In a necklace, bracelets or other jewelry, the stone will become just a decorative element.
  2. It is desirable that the decoration with the selected stone was made of silver. This metal has a very positive energy, which will enhance the magical properties of the amulet, will help protect against negative. Gold is best avoided - it neutralizes all the positive qualities of the charm
  3. Choose stones without sharp edges and corners, they should be oval or round

And it is especially important: the decoration with a stone should like you, evoke positive emotions.

Chrysoprase - the perfect mascot for the Virgin

If you do not know which stone is considered to be the most favorable for Virgo, stop the choice on chrysoprase. This mineral will help to fully reveal the diligence and wisdom of the representatives of the most feminine sign of the zodiac.

The magical properties of chrysoprase in Virgo will manifest itself as follows:

  • It helps to learn better, learn and analyze new information. This is especially true for young Virgins who study in higher education institutions
  • Develops diligence and efficiency, helps to set goals and go to them, no matter what
  • Gives worldly wisdom, helps to make the right decisions in any difficult situation

The older the girl, the brighter the properties of chrysoprase appear.

Jade - brings good luck in love

Choosing jade as a talisman follows those Virgos who have not yet met a worthy companion in life. This stone is not only incredibly beautiful, but also attracts suitable partners with whom it is possible to build long, happy and harmonious relationships.

The magical properties of jade:

  • Makes the owner of a talisman incredibly attractive to the opposite sex, turns into a real magnet for male attention
  • Improves women's health and energizes. It is an excellent guard against diseases of the reproductive system, an assistant in the treatment of infertility and frigidity
  • Attracts to life the success necessary for the quick fulfillment of desires.

If you start wearing jade jewelry all the time, you will soon notice how quickly your dreams began to come true. Personal life will improve and health problems will be resolved safely.

Malachite - a stone of wealth and prosperity

Virgo is peculiar to the pursuit of material goods, even some greed. Therefore, if finances in life are not enough, the Virgo woman suffers and feels unsatisfied. Spur cash luck and attract prosperity will help jewelry with malachite.

The magical properties of malachite:

  • It teaches to realistically assess what is happening, to make the right decisions in financial matters. Develops rationalism and logical thinking
  • Attracts financial opportunities to life, helps to quickly pay off debts, not to get new ones, to increase income and to look for new sources of income
  • Helps to keep existing savings. This is especially important because Virgos is prone to some squandering that makes it difficult to achieve financial stability.

Important: malachite jewelry does not have to be silver. Stone can be enclosed in copper. This is the only exception to all talismans.

Health Talismans

There are two stones that help Virgos stay healthy and full of energy. It is sapphire and emerald. They fill with vital energy, normalize the state of the aura, "heal" the problem chakras.

As a result, spiritual and physical health is improved. A pleasant bonus - the mood will become better, irritability will leave, negative emotions will rarely make themselves felt.

Watch a video on which stone is suitable for a female virgin by date of birth:

Agate - develops female qualities

Despite the fact that Virgo is considered one of the most feminine signs, its representatives are characterized by some rigidity, which is very disturbing in life.

Therefore, if you feel a lack of femininity and softness, wear jewelry with agate. This stone:

  • It awakens femininity, fills with feminine, soft energy, makes you literally emit inner light that everyone around you will notice.
  • Protects from external negative: energy vampires, envious, critics, detractors. Puts a powerful barrier against the evil eye and damage
  • Develops magical abilities, if the girl has the desire to

Especially recommended to wear talismans with agate to those women who are passionate about esotericism, the occult and plan to learn magic.

Selenite - anti-stress stone

Jewelery with selenite - the choice of Dev, whose life and professional activities are associated with constant stress. This stone neutralizes negative energy, helps to be less nervous and worry about nothing.

Selenite, like an invisible barrier, protects you from any external negative. It helps to stay young, beautiful and attractive for men. Eliminates negative circumstances that hinder the pursuit of goals.

Avoid these stones

There are also dangerous for the Virgo talismans, the use of which is highly undesirable:

  • Ruby - adds character aggressiveness and irritability
  • Tourmaline - violates energy processes
  • Turquoise - deprives of vitality and energy

All other stones that are not in this list have a neutral value and can be used as jewelry.