Dream interpretation

I dreamed of a waterfall, interpreted by different dream books


Niagara Falls, which can be more spectacular and more beautiful when tons of water fall down in a fraction of a second. Millions of people, thrill-seekers rush to see this miracle of nature. It is not surprising if after such emotions the waterfall appears in dreams. Why dream of such a plot, find out in the dream.

Water was given the power to become the juice of life on earth.

The waterfall according to the ancient oriental philosophy is the source of water, where it arrives in constant motion. Water, being a very strong energy element, involves abundant wealth and good luck. This is a very sacred symbol for the dreamer, bringing harmonization of living space, attracting happiness, well-being and health.

It is very important for a positive prediction that the flowing water is clear and transparent. Only under this condition, cascades of water promise relaxation, peace and deliverance from the negative accumulations of a hectic life.

Night scenarios with the noise of raging streams of water are extremely relevant for men, whose activities take place in dangerous and life-risky conditions. Such dreams can relieve emotional tension and restore the right balance of power.

Women's speech pours like a waterfall

A waterfall in a female dream promises many good perspectives and opportunities.

For a housewife, such a night scenario involves streams of inspiration and energy for cleansing home space, creating home comfort, and acquiring new skills and abilities. This may be the development of new recipes, and more serious activities, for example, the art of airbrushing on cars. In any case, it will be a chance for self-improvement and a source of additional income.

For a business woman - this is an occasion to be bolder in the implementation of plans, fate favors all undertakings. Without focusing on fatigue, your determination and perseverance will help you achieve a lot and succeed in the envy of your competitors.

Such a dream promises to an unmarried beauty an uncontrollable feeling of attraction to a young man whom he will soon meet. Try to keep yourself in hand and do not plunge into the pool with your head, your destiny is still to come.

To a girl seeking a serious relationship, to feel a splash of fresh water on her is a signal for action. A man is already flashing on the horizon, ready to make an offer, but you have doubts and caution. Do not miss the chance to become a happy and wealthy wife.

Water, frightening by its flow in a dream, speaks of your insecurity and tendency to exaggerate in real life. You are accustomed to calculate everything in advance, and if the situation gets out of your control, you will get panic and nervousness. Try not to worry in vain, trust fate.

If, on the contrary, the spectacle of the unbridled water element attracts and excites you - in reality fear your carelessness and lack of a sense of fear. Your unaccountable risk can lead to indelible consequences.

A man running away from the rain, always manages to get under the waterfall

For the male half of humanity, dreams of waterfalls can induce and direct energy and strength in the right direction. Careers can go up sharply, and confidence in success will keep pace with the wisdom and literacy of action. Like a locomotive, you only rush forward, and you cannot be stopped.

Powerful streams can be a danger warning. If you experience joy and pleasure from them, the interpretation will be completely opposite to the mood in the dream. First of all, this indicates a high probability of making a mistake in your sphere of business, which you will later regret.

Muddy and dark backwater reminds of current issues that you are reluctant to solve. You would like to transfer this time-consuming and responsible mission to one of your colleagues.

For a young, purposeful person, a waterfall can be a harbinger of drastic changes in life. Do not strive to stay in the groove, master new ways of moving forward. If at the same time you hear a distinct sound of water, get ready to learn the news about your promotion or change of position. Any option would be a decent prospect for you to raise salaries and gain a new unique experience.

Falling from a waterfall means missing the opportunity to control the situation. Your carelessness and levity dull the sense of responsibility for your own life and health safety.

Truth is in wine, and health is in water. Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Waterfall personifies strong emotional outbursts of experiences, ecstasy or orgasm. Watching the spontaneous flow of water from the top down, your body tends to throw out the accumulated tension and relax. If you feel yourself in a low backwater at the foot - in reality you are worried about shyness and stiffness during intimacy.

You need to relax and gain experience, enjoying the process to achieve harmony with your partner.


Standing under the clear water that flows from above in the playful noise of foam means that you will soon experience the grace that will come down from heaven in the form of love, warm intimate relationships, promising deeds and good fame.

If you are affected by splashes of muddy and dirty lava water - wait for strife and disagreement with others. Conflicts can affect both family, friends, and relationships with colleagues or partners. During this period restraint, patience and the search for a compromise with people will help. The band of troubles will quickly pass, but how decent you will look after, you decide.

Gustov Miller

The tumultuous streams of a waterfall in a dream are evidence of unbridled desires, passion and absurd obsessions. Resist the temptation for you is fraught with problems and losses. You understand it perfectly yourself, but do not stop. To cope with yourself and achieve inner comfort will help someone's wisdom in the form of a calm and good friend.

White foam of water will be the key to your good luck in real life, and the noise and droplets glittering in the sun will personify a spray of champagne to celebrate your success.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

To see the miracle of Niagara in a dream - to experience something truly exciting and amazing in reality. You do not have enough thrills, you forgot what you once dreamed of. And now you are experiencing a moment of crisis, you want to have a lot of things: take off and go on a long journey, experience the happiness of loving a woman and accomplish an act, which you will then proudly tell your children about.