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Reading the Koran from the evil eye, defacement - how to listen to the suras for the cleansing of the house


Reading the Koran helps against the evil eye and damage. Listening to the sacred suras is also useful for those who suspect that they are under negative magical influence, and for those who want to protect themselves from the evil eye. Talk about how to read the Quran correctly with these goals.

How to read protective suras correctly

The holy book of Islam contains the great wisdom of the ancestors. The Koran contains a colossal energy, so its suras have an incredibly powerful defensive effect. But not all religious texts work.

It is important to follow some rules in order for the surah from the Quran to help you:

  1. You must certainly believe in the immense power of ancient texts. This is the first and most important rule. Only your faith can activate powerful defensive magic. If there is no faith, reading the Qur'an will not help. This is the same as trying to set fire to a match with water - it’s pointless
  2. Only the believers in Allah are helped by the Koran. If you follow the canons of another religion in your life, then you should apply to it.
  3. The suras will help a person who not only believes in the power of the Quran, but also follows his commandments. Only pure thoughts and bright deeds - no negativity and harm. If in ordinary life you are the source of evil and negative, you first need to be cleansed, change your behavior.
  4. The rite is held only at night. And deep, when the sun has long been beyond the horizon. If you see the first morning rays and light, stop reading immediately.
  5. It is also possible at noon, but the efficiency will be extremely low.
  6. There are no restrictions on the number of repetitions of each surah. Read and pronounce them as many times as your soul requires.
  7. The ideal place for sacred meditation is the desert. In modern conditions it is quite difficult to find a desert, so at least try to retire in a clean, bright and deserted quiet room.
  8. If you want to remove the already induced damage, read the Quran on Fridays
  9. It is recommended to meditate before the ritual, to enter into a state of light trance, to clear the mind, relax and prepare it

At first, you can simply listen to religious cleansing texts. Once you understand the correct pronunciation, you can repeat and play them as accurately as possible.

House cleansing

If you suspect that too much negative energy has accumulated in your home, you should do a house cleansing ritual with the help of the Koran. But first make sure the problem exists.

Signs of unfavorable energy situation at home:

  • Household people feel tired all the time, do not get enough sleep and quickly get tired
  • Sometimes you hear noises and noises, the cause of which is unknown.
  • Houses are permanent drafts. Too cool and uncomfortable. Or, on the contrary, it is very stuffy and hot.
  • Insects are constantly inflaming: hordes of midges then fly, cockroaches come from neighbors, ants crawl
  • Often break household appliances and appliances
  • Any, even the most unpretentious houseplants perish
  • Pets often get sick or die
  • You have to constantly change light bulbs because they burn out quickly.
  • Not so long ago, a man died in the house

If you find at least some of the signs, it is necessary to clean the home of negative energy.

This Muslim prayer will help you:

Try to feel the whole essence of religious conversion. Sincerely ask for help and unconditionally believe that she will come. Imagine how happy you will be when all the negative goes away and the family members feel calm and well. Visualize these emotions in your mind.

Important: before a prayer, it is important to take a shower and put on clean clothes to clean the house. Do not eat or drink after waking up. Read the words clearly, clearly and sincerely. It is advisable not to talk to anyone and engage in meditation and spiritual practices for the rest of the day.

If this is not possible, at least minimize contact with other people.

We recommend watching a video on how a professional reads suras from the evil eye and defacement:

Signs of spoilage

Before you treat the damage you need to make sure that you really have it. Signs from the point of view of Islam may be:

  • Constant apathy, weakness, lack of desire to do anything
  • Frequent desire to sleep, lack of vigor
  • Consciousness is changing: even a very life-loving person can become sad and despair, give up on life
  • Unpleasant smell from the mouth
  • Unpleasant and offensive discharge from the genitals

If you know for sure that some ill-wisher has damaged you, immediately begin the energetic purification with the help of sacred suras

Strong Muslim prayer from the evil eye and damage

We note immediately: Islam is extremely negative about any kind of magical rituals. Therefore, adherents of this religion should refrain from various kinds of witchcraft.

But to heal damage by prayers according to the Quran is not forbidden. The only caveat: you do not need any initiative, you must clearly repeat the words of the prayer, not distorting their meaning, not rearranging and not distorting.

Here is an example of a great prayer that removes damage:

Say a prayer several times. It is desirable that your close relatives repeat the sacred text several times: during the day and at night. It is believed that the evil spirits will leave the body of the patient (a person on whom damage) and will never dare to penetrate the dwelling that Allah himself protects.

Important: do not read the prayer from the sheet, memorize it. If you copy a sura on a clean sheet, it should be white, not striped or squared. Repeat the text every time you feel bad or feel the need to protect against the negative (for example, after contact with unpleasant people).