Dream interpretation

Why dream of a white dog: interpretation of the popular dream books


An ancient French legend telling about a negligent reaper, who in the midst of the harvest decided to shirk from hard work, can help figure out what a white dog dreams about. And the reason for such an irrational act was a white dog, which appeared to him in a dream. According to the dream book, such an image is often the people who love to achieve success not through their own labor, but through the hands of others.

Dream: white dog

A dream in which there was a white dog may be a warning about an imminent event, the value of which is difficult to exaggerate. Even if the one who saw a dog in a dream turns out to be at the epicenter of these events, he still will not be able to make history, and he will have to remain a bystander. The characteristic interpretation of such a dream is the impossibility to change something in real life.

Very big dog

To dream of a difficult white dog, and an unrealistically large animal, the dream book explains this by the scale of the upcoming event. And this event can affect not only the dreamer, but also his whole environment. It is possible that it can happen in the whole city or in the whole country. Probably talking about the news that can not leave someone indifferent, not only in a dream, but also in reality.

A little dog

To see a small white dog also speaks about the scale of the event, but in a smaller direction. Those who saw a white dog in a dream will not be in the center of attention because of their will, but it is not specified what could happen.

Recommendation! Soon be more cautious than usual, because no one knows what can happen and where to wait for the danger. Beware of large scandals, diseases, accidents as well.

Behavior of a white dog in a dream

A white dog in a dream can symbolize different events in real life. To give an accurate definition of sleep should pay attention to the behavior of the dog.

  • If the dog looks friendly, a cute tail wags - a problem that makes it difficult for you to solve now with the help of your friends. Perhaps a person who you never counted on will help. It is also possible that you will be helped by a person whom you have not seen for a very long time.
  • If the white dog fusses around, yelps, bothers you in every way, the dream book says that you can lose a loved one soon. Also, such a dream can often be viewed as a reminder. Take a closer look at the people with whom you often deal. Maybe you were unjust to someone, which now prevents you from becoming friends.
  • If the dog has bitten you in a dream, it means that in real life your close person will behave completely unexpectedly. Those whom you trust may fail you at the most inopportune moment. Such a dream often concerns the family, at home - that is, the place in which you feel safe, count on support and understanding and do not expect a trick.
  • If you dream that a white dog bites you - do not wait for good news. According to the dream book, you will soon see that your loved one changes you. An impulsive, albeit justified, desire to sort things out in a relationship will only aggravate an already difficult situation. Do not count on a speedy truce, what you saw in a dream, foreshadows a long quarrel, which in any case safely resolved.

Interpretation of sleep

There is another common interpretation of a dream, when a white dog becomes a harbinger of luck and incredible success. It is very nice that this does not require much physical and moral effort. Fate will present a gift, and “in a smart package”, so that nothing overshadows the triumph - this is a white dog in a dream.

Dream Miller

According to Miller’s dream book, a large white dog, affectionate and kind - a very good vision. It foreshadows the imminent onset of the bright band in life. Good luck will come to your side, fortune will probably smile, personal life will improve, and there will be success at work.

If the dog is running around and fussing around you is not a very favorable dream. Analyze the life situation, which is now happening in reality, and try to improve it for the better, otherwise you may lose your loved one.

If the dog bit you, Miller’s dream book claims that something bad could happen. Such a dream speaks of betrayal or treason. It is best to take action as soon as possible.

Dream Vanga

Wangoy’s interpretations of dreams, in which the white dog is involved, differ only slightly from Miller’s versions. However, according to Vanga, the key point in the vision is the behavior of the dog. If she is sick or injured, then, someone from your loved ones really needs you, your help and support. And a dog that brings pain and disappointment indicates only betrayal.

Freund's Dream

According to Freud's dream book, the white dog is a symbol of the child. Curling around the legs and playful animal can talk about excessive custody of the child. Maybe your chicks have long grown up and no longer need to keep under the wing?

If in a dream you are walking a white dog, it means that in reality you are running ahead of the locomotive. More precisely, your dreams of continuation of the race are not at all timely and do not correspond to the circumstances of life.

Hunting for a white dog in a dream symbolizes the possible consequences of promiscuous sex life. Think again!

Dreaming nostradamus

A light or completely white dog, according to the Nostradamus dream book, speaks of a worsening economic situation in the country. Since the animal has a flower of snow, the northern region will suffer more. A recession in the industrial sector is possible, a deterioration in the standard of living, a crisis — for some time this may unsettle the northern peoples.

Popular interpretation

There is an opinion among the people that a flock of white "friends" who is spinning around a person, but does not cause fear, symbolizes quick recognition in society and great success. In addition, if there is a female with a puppy among the pack, then in your close surroundings, somewhere near you, your big love walks, which can only be found in this crowd.


In the article we collected all known interpretations of sleep, in which the white dog plays the main role. There are interpretations, both good and not so. Remember that only you can control your destiny, and the dream book only gives you recommendations and advice. Use them wisely.