Dream interpretation

Underwear dreams: what does it mean


Dreamed underwear, what is it? Details of sleep are sometimes so intimate that sometimes we are ashamed to remember it and even more so to tell. But our curiosity and desire to know the future always turns us to different interpreters of dream-dreams.

General interpretation of sleep

Underwear in a dream with various interpreters of dreams is first of all the personification of the feminine principle. Various variations on the theme of color, cleanliness and novelty of linen in the dream books of many authors mean the relationship between a man and a woman, family scenes, adultery or, on the contrary, love, new romantic dates and happiness.

To erase - to gossip and envy, to hang out on a rope, it means to expose personal life, intimate relations and love affairs to the show. And here it is important to remember what the water was like when washing: if it is dirty, you are in trouble, and clean water will be finished and forgotten.

Seeing new beautiful lingerie is a good sign for many interpreters. In modern dream books, great attention is paid to the color of linen:

White linen - a symbol of openness in life, sometimes on the verge of credulity. Black - a sign of your insecurity, passivity, lethargy, which can disappoint your partner. Red means wait for a dizzying romance.

Value author's dream books

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

Lingerie - to the real desire to find a partner younger than his years. Wash, iron, sew underwear - your craving for intimate experiments in reality. Buying a new linen had a dream, wait for the relationship with the former partner.

If you see hanging clothes on a rope - to your inclination not to hide love achievements. If in a dream you give a present to your beloved - it means in real life that your second half is concerned about what you think.

Dream Gustov Miller

I dreamed of washing the underwear, enjoy the result, this is a quick victory or a happy outcome. If you see yourself in the laundry in a public place is the fear of being mistaken in a serious matter. But walking down the street without clothes means that you can soon be trapped.

To come to visit in one lingerie means the following: your friends cause mistrust and insecurity.

If the groom dreamed of seeing underwear through the wedding dress of the bride, then in real life the bride has something to hide.

Seeing yourself in lingerie at an important meeting - troubles in real life can not be avoided. But to see yourself in a crowd of passers-by and not be frightened, but to show off and be proud of it is a sign of success and great self-confidence.

Dream David Lofa

A dream about dirty underwear, to gossip and slang for which you yourself gave a reason. Erasing carefully means that you have something to hide from others and be ashamed of.

Beautiful lingerie speaks of your sophisticated taste, sophistication, good manners and the burden of beauty.

To see yourself in a dream folding underwear - to a successful marriage.

Themed Dreams

  • Dream interpretation of the twenty-first century. To dream with black underwear - to a brief sadness with a pleasant outcome. If someone else's clothes are dressed on the beloved - to infidelity and disappointment. To undress in front of other people means to experience your own shame because of your frivolous behavior;
  • Classic dream book. I dreamed of how you get into an elevator in your underwear and go up, in life you will find a big profit and success, but at the same time wait for gossip and scandals. Tearing underwear in a dream - to undeserved humiliation and resentment. Buy - to the desire to improve relations with a loved one. But underwear stained with blood dreams of stress, malaise or surgery. If you wear beautiful things in front of a mirror, sleep promises only grief and resentment, separation from the second half.
  • Psychological dream book. Saw a new lingerie - in life, appreciate the relationship with your loved one and do not look for another. Trying on a smaller size or a childish style means your infantilism. You need to grow up and learn how to manage their own destiny. But a woman who gathered to change her underwear in real life cannot decide on the choice of the only one from the crowd of fans.
  • Family Dream. I dreamed of a stranger in underwear - a sign that you need to refrain from spontaneous ideas that will provoke trouble. If a man dreamed of an ugly woman - it is to the threat of credibility. The husband dreamed of a woman in underwear - to a tempting offer. Do not miss the chance. Silk and lace underwear to see - to a quick successful marriage.
  • Ukrainian dream book. Clean linen neatly fold - a sign of future prosperous life. A dream about dirty laundry was seen - to quarrels and scandals. I dreamed of tearing clothes, beware of humiliation and trouble at work. Clean linen in the closet sleep means well-being, dirty - family feuds. Hang linen on the rope - a dream to win or inheritance.
  • Modern dream book. A ragged and dirty underwear had a dream - be prepared for a demotion, suspension from work, and ruin. Strongly worn underwear to see in a dream - to divorce, disappointment, obstacles and a series of adversity. Wearing neat underwear - to the mutual desire to enter into marriage, sincerity of feelings and actions. Outsiders see you in their underwear - to scandal and squabbles.