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Love spell - strong rites and rituals


Love spell used from antiquity. In the old days, love potions with frogs 'paws and pigeons' blood were cooked, insects were dried and pounded powder was thrown into drinks and food. In modern magic, these tools do not use, however, the rituals work no less effectively. Consider a few love tricks and plots on the love of a man.

Love spell with ash

This rite can be performed if you are dating a man and are well acquainted. It uses ash magic. To perform a magical event, you need a wax candle, a bowl-type container, a pen with red ink and a blank sheet of paper. Pure means no lines and no cells.

Light a wax candle, slowly write the words of a conspiracy on a sheet of paper and set fire to the sheet from the flame of a candle. When half burned, put it in a bowl - let it burn out. The plot words are as follows:

When the sheet burns, pound the ashes between your palms and go on a date. Touch the beloved with your hands - the ash will carry the plot information to his heart. A rite can only be performed on a growing moon; on a lost moon, it will have retroactive effect.

Love spell

How to make a strong love spell on man's love? You can ask for help from the goddess of love Venus. It is necessary to contact the goddess on her day - Friday. During the ceremony, artifacts should be applied that correspond to its vibrations — a copper ring, a rose flower, and sweet aromas. Prepare the artifacts in advance:

  • buy a pink rose;
  • get a copper ring;
  • light a pink candle;
  • burn aromas - indian aromatic sticks or essential oils can be used;
  • put on the altar paired animal figures - swans, pigeons;
  • put the sea shells.

Before the ceremony you need to clean and ventilate the room, take a bath with flower aromas, form an altar. Cover the table with a beautiful cloth, set a pink candle, smoke the floral aromas and put a rose in a vase.

Refer to the goddess of love in your own words, ask for help. Put a copper ring on the candle, light it and say:

Then light the aroma lamp or aroma lamp and say:

Look at the copper ring and say:

Wait for the candle to burn out and put a ring on your finger. Wear it constantly, and your lover will be filled with passion for you. Try to touch it with a ring to it whenever possible.

Rose let it dry. Petals of roses together with a candle candle fold in a pink silk bag and store as a talisman.

Aphrodite's love bath

According to legend, the goddess of love Aphrodite (Venus) was born from the foam of the sea. In love magic, Aphrodite's baths are often used to attract love and incite passion in a man. Love man's love spell should be carried out on the eve of the full moon, that is, on the 14th lunar day.

Freeze a glass of water in the freezer beforehand. Drain the unfrozen liquid, and melt the ice at room temperature - you get melted water. Pour this water in a crystal glass and place a silver spoon. Water with a spoon should stand for at least six hours.

While the water is infused, prepare a decoction of lime blossom and strain. Remove the silver spoon from the glass and add a lime decoction, a few drops of essential flower oil (it can be pink) and a few slices of lemon. Let the glass with the contents stand overnight on the windowsill, in the morning move it to the cupboard.

In the evening at the full moon type in the bath water, add an infusion from a crystal glass. Bathe in the bathroom, imagining that you are surrounded by moonlight. Scoop the water in your palms and whisper over it:

Feel the light of the moon through the water absorbs into every cell of the body and fills with magical energy. Get out of the bathroom, put on the bathrobe and do not wipe. Water should dry on the body. Go to bed. On the next date, you will feel the effect of the ritual - your loved one will be fascinated. Repeat the rite every full moon, and the spell will always be valid.

Love spell for white gold

What can make love spells on a man's love at home? If your loved one is nearby, you can make talismans that attract love. A white gold ring is powerful if you speak it correctly.

The metal grid records information, stores for a long time and translates into the surrounding space. If at a meeting with a man wearing a conspiratorial ring, he will fall in love and make an offer to get married.

Buy a white gold ring without a stone. On a growing moon, dip it in a crystal glass with spring water. Spring water can be made independently: freeze and thaw ordinary water, pre-drain sediment.

Cover the table with a clean tablecloth, put a glass on it and put the ring in the water. Look at the center of the ring and say, presenting the image of a loved one:

Say a few times (an odd number), filling with confidence that this is exactly what will happen. Then remove the ring and wrap it in a white cloth. Wear three days around your heart, and then put it on your finger. Do not remove the ring, let it be your talisman of love.

Love spell

How to read a love spell on a man's love at a distance? This will require a photograph or thing of this person. It is not difficult to get a photo - now everyone has accounts on social networks. Wait for the growing moon and collect water from a natural source.

At midnight, light a candle, turn off the electric light, dissolve your hair, and wear loose cotton clothing. This may be a summer dress or nightgown. The main thing, without a belt and buttons. Stand barefoot in the center of the room, hold a glass of water in your hands and whisper the words to the water:

Say thrice, your breath should touch the surface of the water. The next day, you need to pour the conspiratorial water to your loved one in the drink. If you fail to add water, spray it with a photograph or a personal thing of a person - preferably clothing. Pour the remaining water on your doorstep and do not wipe.

Love spell on love longing

How to read at home love spells for a man's distance? Our great-grandmothers used for this purpose the most ordinary household items, such as a cutting board and a kitchen knife. The board should be wooden, and the knife has a black handle. For the ceremony, you can paint the handle with black indelible paint or simply wrap with black tape.

On Friday after sunset, stand in front of the window, scratch the board with a knife and read the plot. It is important to leave knife marks on the board. Read the plot three times:

After reading the plot, wrap the board in a towel and hide for 7 days. The knife also needs to be hidden - you can not use it. On the eighth day, dip the board and the knife with boiling water. Now you can use them. After 8 days, your loved one will show tenderness and attention, look for meetings and dates.

Love spell and 30 needles

How to read at home a love spell in the photo for love? If the guy persistently does not pay attention to you and goes through girlfriends one by one, you can make a hard spell using a black candle and needles. Needles are purchased specifically for the ceremony in the amount of thirty pieces, without surrender or overpayment.

If there is no black candle, you can use an inverted church - light it with the “ass”. At night, on any day of the growing moon, stay in the room alone, remove the icons and remove the cross. Dissolve your hair and wear loose clothing without a belt and buckles (in the old days, they often seduced them without any clothes at all).

Cover the table with a black cloth, put a black candle in front of the photograph of the man. Stick the needles in the candle from all sides and light it. Erase on the candle - as soon as the needle falls, blow on the photo. And so 30 times. Do not extinguish the candle by breathing! When all the needles fall and the candle burns, read the plot:

Needles, candle stubs and a photo put in the bag and hide until the moment when the spell will come into effect. After the needle, you can throw it away and put the photo on the album.

Love spell on a knife and a photo

Metal and iron objects are often used in magical rites. Iron symbolizes hardness and power, will and inflexibility. The photograph replaces the presence of a person at the rite. Everything that happens with the copy of the person in the picture happens to him. How to read at home a love spell on a photo for love?

Prepare the following items:

  • knife with a black handle;
  • candle black;
  • photo of a person;
  • ceramic water bowl.

For the ceremony, it is necessary to purchase a knife with a black handle, to buy on the growing moon without surrender - it is better to overpay a little. After sunset, at home, you need to pour running water into a ceramic bowl and put a photo there. If the photo does not fit, you can cut the head.
Cover the table with black cloth, close the curtains, light a black candle and turn off the electric light. Remove icons from the room and remove the pectoral cross, as well as all metal decorations.

Cut the surface of the water with a knife, reading the memory plot 9 times, putting all the power of emotions into words:

The rite is repeated 9 days at the same time. Candle after reading stew fingers, put a knife on a bowl of water. On the ninth day, pour the water out of the bowl at the intersection through the knife - the blade should cut through the water. Throw 9 coins of the same value over your left shoulder and leave without looking back. Then stick a knife under the aspen or poplar, leave the photo in the same place (you can sprinkle the photo with earth).