Dream interpretation

What dreams of clean and clear water?


Water is essential for life. However, along with the life of the water element brings destruction and death, so a large accumulation of water mass causes fear and horror. Tsunamis, floods, floods - numerous human victims and destruction have left an indelible mark on the memory of mankind. What dreams of clear and pure water in the dream? Consider all the details.

Image of water in a dream

Water is mystically connected with the emotional sphere of a person, his inner world. If the water is clear and pure, this is a welcome sign for the dreamer. Sleep prophesies good luck, the rise of vitality, pleasant emotions. However, when interpreting it is necessary to consider where the water was:

  • in a natural source;
  • in an artificial water basin, a well;
  • in the house, in the bathroom or on the floor;
  • in a bucket, jar or other container;
  • consecrated water in the temple;
  • in another unexpected place.

You should also consider the actions performed in a dream with water: swim; drink or collect water.

Large natural reservoir - sea ​​ocean - with calm clear water symbolizes great success in life and great prospects. Everything goes well. River or stream - to new beginnings. Lake - a symbol of stagnation of energy, lack of development.

Swim in dreamland in clear sea water - to the successful implementation of plans. However, if the water was cold, there is a risk of not getting what you want. Do not be afraid to go to the end, in this case, the risk will be noble and will not lead to trouble.

Bathing in a quiet flow of the river in a dream - to a prosperous period in life. If you go with the flow, the universe itself will help in everything. You will always keep afloat, successfully overcome any obstacles.

Look into the well with clean water - get the secret knowledge of the clan, however, you should perform a mystical rite of joining with the clan for information.

  • Water drips from the ceiling to the floor - for financial gain.
  • Water poured through the window to the floor - to the good news.
  • Peacefully babbling brook - to favorable events, serenity.
  • Flood in the apartment - you do not own your emotions, and this can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • Water pours down the walls - to a vain attempt by enemies to slander your family and you.
  • Water pours out of the soul - to global change for the better.
  • Burst battery - to a conflict situation, try to control yourself.
  • Water in a glass jar - for a pleasant event.

Large masses of water in the absence of a feeling of discomfort in a dream promise a way out of a difficult situation: get off dry from water.

For what dream of holy water? This is an image of cleansing, striving for change, rebirth and repentance. For the sick, it is a symbol of healing, for the suffering, the hope of deliverance from suffering. The dreamer expects a qualitatively new life coil, without admixtures of negative energies.

If a water flows from a hose / pipe / tap - you are trying to control everything with your attention. Let events evolve naturally, in their turn. Intervention will not be in your favor.

Danger or problem

The danger signal is swimming deep water. Analyze your thoughts and actions, find errors and delusions. However, if you were searching for truth, you will soon find the answer in the depths of the subconscious.

Swim in the pool with clear water - dreams to limited opportunities. You can not go beyond the permissible, ambitious plans do not translate into reality.

Bathing in the bathroom symbolizes an even narrower circle of possibilities and obstacles to the realization of the intended. However, if water flows from the tap, and you splash water on the floor, you will be able to achieve the goal with great effort, contrary to circumstances.

  • See how the water seeps through the cracks in the floor - to the machinations of enemies.
  • Flood in the house - to the disease and tears.
  • Water comes to the house - to great trouble.
  • To see a dried up riverbed or a stream with once clear water - to sorrow and feelings through one’s own fault.

Actions with water

Dive into the water - search for new ways for self-realization, courage in actions, audacity. You are doomed to success, as you fully control the events and the direction of the situation.

Choke in water - to commit a rash act that will cause negative consequences. Do not try to reach the goal in any way, no matter what. Think through each step to avoid trouble.

Drown in water - you miscalculated your strength, and circumstances became uncontrollable. As a result of thoughtless actions, you can get a psychosomatic disorder, enter into depression.

Breathe under water - show your stubbornness, try to leave the last word. Your unwillingness to make concessions, to be flexible in communication spoils everything. Review your position and learn to hear the opposite opinion and take a different point of view from yours.

  • To draw water in the river - to a successful marriage.
  • To draw water in the well - for a bargain.
  • Splashing water - wasting your energy.
  • Spill water - be indifferent and be indifferent.
  • Search for water - the thirst for knowledge and adventure, the search for new experiences.
  • Walking on the water - the right time to implement the plans.
  • To wash with water - to new beginnings, the emergence of something pleasant and unexpected in life.
  • To extinguish the fire - you strive to correct the harm done to someone, to correct your mistakes.
  • Ask for water - you do not have enough new impressions and emotions.
  • Drinking water - to solve complex issues, help and support from outside.
  • Bathing in a natural source of spring water - to the wealth that you acquire by your own work.
  • Save the child from the water - you will have a pet, which will bring joyful chores.

What means salty water in a dream? Sleep indicates the vulnerability and sensitivity of your soul, vulnerability to circumstances, inability to adapt to the realities of life. You can easily be touched by a word cast by chance. Be able to overcome the sensual discomfort in yourself and find the strength to resist aggression.