Dream interpretation

What dreams of gold and gold jewelry?


Gold and gold jewelry always carry a certain symbolism - wealth, wealth and power. Corrosion resistant metal has long attracted people with its mysterious properties. From gold they made charms against the evil eye and curses. What dreams of gold and gold jewelry? Does this story promise prosperity to the dreamer?

General interpretation

In a dream, gold objects foreshadow good luck and joyful events.. However, this is if the decorations were not damaged. To see a broken chain or a broken bracelet is not good. Also a bad omen has a dream in which you lost a golden jewel. Consider what can dream in a dream.

Options for the development of the plot in the dream:

  • admire the golden decoration;
  • try on a precious decoration;
  • see rings with a stone / without a stone;
  • find / lose decoration;
  • to give / take gold as a gift.

Find Gold in a dream it promises good luck: the dreamer will have a chance to get a large amount of money. Also find bodes success in all areas of the dreamer. This could be a take-off or a very good deal. This chance is important not to miss!

If a woman is presented with gold jewelryShe expects a marriage of convenience. Massive rounded metal objects foretell the marriage shackles: marriage by calculation will be a dreamer.

Wear a massive bracelet on hand man - the desire to subjugate another. The dreamer is trying to manipulate people, enslaving someone.

Try on dreaming earrings - in reality, strive to impress someone. This dream brings new interesting acquaintances and positive events.

See the cross of gold - to implement the plan. However, the dreamer realizes the intended only through the rejection of something valuable in his life. For example, build a successful career at the expense of family life, or exchange a happy love for the acquisition of wealth.

Maya Indians advised to wear all their gold jewelry for a week so that the dream of gold would come true. According to the Maya, dreams of gold foreshadow major life changes that promise good.

Broken and lost decorations

A bad sign is vision. broken wedding ring: the dreamer expects a breakdown in relations with her spouse or parting with her beloved.

If in a dream stole goldIn reality, the dreamer may miss a chance to get rich or change life. The lost golden decoration of round shape foreshadows misunderstandings with love relationships and early separation from your beloved.

Torn chain promises a break in relations with familiar people. However, if the dreamer was seeking to break the relationship, the dream foreshadows the fulfillment of desires. For example, it will be possible to leave the unloved work and the annoying team.

Dream interpretation

  • Female dream book considers the vision of gold on the fingers a symbol of gaining wealth and success in any endeavors. Find gold - to gain credibility in the eyes of others and achieve success on their own. Receive a gift of gold jewelry - to marry a mercantile and greedy man.
  • Russian people's dream book regards the vision of gold as a strong desire to get rich. To lose a gold ring - to parting with a dear person.
  • Dream interpretation of the 21st century considers the vision of gold jewelry on the positive side: it foreshadows fame and wealth, success and good profits. Find a jewel - to meet with a good man who will support in life. However, seeing the brilliance of gold is not good: it promises deception.
  • Dream Miller says: to hold gold in hand - to succeed in any endeavors. Finding gold means success, honor, and prosperity. To lose jewels is to miss a chance to become rich. Work on the gold mine - to try to misappropriate other people's rights.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse considers the precious metal symbolism from the negative side. To see gold is misleading, to buy is to empty trouble, to see a large amount of jewelry to poverty, to accept as a gift to false friends.
  • Esoteric dream book regards the symbolism of gold as a symbol of ruin and impoverishment. Take gold as a gift - to the loss of money, wallet or property. Putting on jewelry - to the robbery.


If you are often visited by night visions with gold jewelery in large numbers, you dream of becoming a rich person. Repeating dreams with a large number of gold products emphasize the psychological mood of a person to acquire earthly blessings.