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Mantra Vajrasattva to purify the soul


The Vajrasattva mantra purifies sinful human souls better than any other Tibetan prayer. The appeal goes to one of the most powerful incarnations of the Buddha. It is called the "Diamond Soul" or "Diamond Purity". There is not a single blemish that this most powerful mantra could erase from the soul. Contact her, however, with caution. Why? Now we will understand.

Pure soul and pure body

Many spiritual teachings state that the purification of the soul must begin with ablution. In the case of Vajrasattva, this is especially true, because this prayer is directed not only to purity, but to crystal clarity. How can a higher power take a person's prayers seriously if he, excuse me, has dirt under his nails? In no case! It looks false and even somewhat hypocritical towards the great deity.

Remember, a trip to the shower, and better to the bath, should always precede the reading of the mantra. The dirt on the body triple that filth and anger that is in the soul. Thus, the hygienic procedure before singing increases efficiency, the deity will necessarily turn its attention to you and will be glad that you have prepared for communication properly.

Cleansing the past

In every person's life there are such episodes that are embarrassing to remember. They are individual for everyone, someone may worry that he looked unkindly at the seller who had cheated him in the store, while the other does not repent properly even in robbing an old woman. Well, it’s not for us to judge the criminals, the main thing is that they themselves realize the whole abomination of their acts.

All the evil things that we have done in our life, leave an indelible imprint on energy. This can result in serious illness, persistent depression, and even thoughts of suicide. The mention of sins that put pressure on the soul is not a beautiful cinematic utterance, but the truth of life. The subtlety is that some of the evil deeds are recalled to the full only during the reading of the mantras.

Simultaneously with the revival of memory, repentance occurs. Man penetrates so deeply into his own consciousness that he looks at himself as if from the outside. You are well aware of how ugly your own voice heard from the outside. Now imagine what a person will see when he sees the picture of committing a bad act with his own participation. This is a terrible sight, some people shed sincere tears of remorse at such a moment.

Buddha gives a cleansing conscience, charging a person to good deeds in the future. This is the forgiveness of sins. And once bad deeds are forgotten by a great deity, then mere mortals, whom you once wrongly wronged, will feel complete peace of mind, and your figure will be desired in their minds. All this is possible by reciting the Vajrasattva mantra.

Is this a daily mantra?

For each person the answer to this question is individual. It all depends on what goals the worshiper pursues. For example, someone wants to keep his soul in order and complete peace. Yes, this is achievable with the help of this mantra, but spiritual preparation must be overwhelming. Not everyone will endure such close contact with the Buddha. A weak person, what a sin to confess.

Any deity gladly accepts the sacrifices of its worshipers. This is especially true in moments of reading mantras. The ideal preparation for prayer with Vajrasattva looks like this:

  • Three-day fast with complete abandonment of meat and milk;
  • No intimate connections during the week before turning to Buddha;
  • The forgiveness of all their offenders;
  • Peace of mind;
  • No alcohol and tobacco during the week before reading the mantra.

Yes, not everyone is able to stand it, but the result is worth it. There is a testimony telling about the appearance of the Buddha in front of the reader during the session. This happened in Moscow in 2005. A young man who has been practicing this teaching for several years was so close to the deity that it honored him with his visit. Who knows, maybe your spiritual practice will go even further?

A fly in the ointment or a bit about selfishness

How deeply wrong those people who care not only about their biofield while reading Vajrasattva! Experiences about other people lead to additional pollution of the soul. Why would you take on your account the sins and experiences of others, your own few?

Yes, let it sound selfish, but while reading any mantra, and especially this one, you should think only about yourself. This is your path to harmony, as well as salvation from troubles and a depressive state. The only exception is their own children. But here there is a subtlety.

The guys who have not reached 12 years old, almost clean. In their souls there is a minimum of malice, grief and bad memories. They do not need your spiritual support by reading mantras. Buddha and so spread his arms for them. If we are talking about adolescents who have stepped over this line, then they are already independent enough to take care of themselves. Yes, this is only from the point of view of the teaching we are considering, but the Buddha does not tolerate earthly vanity. Let the children decide their own problems and everyday failures.