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How to win and keep a Gemini man


How to win a man of Gemini, if you do not know which side to approach him? Use the recommendations of astrologers, which I share in this article. They have already helped my clients, they will help you too.

The nature of the male Gemini

It is not so easy to conquer a Gemini man. Therefore, you should better understand his character in order to avoid common mistakes and build the only correct strategy of seduction.

What is characteristic of men born under this sign:

  1. He has a very light character, he is a witty and sociable man with the manners of a leader. These qualities make it very attractive for the opposite sex, so you need to know how to stand out from the crowd and get his attention.
  2. He loves to be the center of attention, and he does it well. It is easy to become the soul of any company, admires and often causes envy in less fortunate men.
  3. You will never be bored with him. He can cheer and calm down and become a wonderful interlocutor. If he becomes your chosen one, the relationship will be very light and filled with positive emotions.
  4. You can meet him on the dance floor, noisy parties and traveling. He prefers an active and rich life, but he hates sitting at home. The same ease of recovery wants to see in a woman.

It is very important not to tell him about his shortcomings. In response, he may unflatteringly speak about you, which will nullify any efforts to win his heart.

How to attract and keep a Gemini man

And now the most important thing is practical recommendations. Follow them to get a Gemini man and build relationships with him.

How to behave and what to do:

  1. He likes to be in the center of attention and catch admiring glances. Spoiled by the attention of women, so pay attention to you, if, unlike the crowd of his fans, you will become indifferent to his person. It will hook him, and he will take the initiative.
  2. Coquettish looks and banal flirtation do not subdue him. He is used to it. But the image of an inaccessible girl who knows her worth and is surrounded by the attention of men is what is needed. He will certainly try to win you, beating off the crowd of fans.
  3. Therefore, the best way to attract his attention is to show that you are in demand and do not need it.
  4. You must stand out and be different from other women. Find a highlight and emphasize this. Perhaps you have an unusual style of clothing, manners, behavior. Or are you interested in something non-standard. Show that you are special, not like everyone else.
  5. Show off your talents or invent them. He must see in you a bright individuality, a creative and self-confident person, then it's in the bag.
  6. But too much in the cool play too, not worth it. Otherwise, he will think that you are not at all interested. Show that you like him, but still have to achieve your location.
  7. Come up with "dragons" - the tests through which he must pass in order to win your heart. The more ingenuity is required of him, the more effort will need to be applied, the stronger he will fall in love.
  8. His darling should be witty, so show that you have a sense of humor. Joke is appropriate, but do not beat his faults in jokes - it will only touch and provoke response taunts to your address.
  9. Silence and the position of the listener - not the best strategy. You have to talk on interesting topics, you can even chat ceaselessly about everything in the world. Show that you are an open and free person, without prejudice.
  10. Gemini need to intrigue. They love provocations, the game. They skillfully manipulate themselves and are ready to give in to women's subtle manipulations. Always leave a slight understatement, do not expose your personality to him to the end, keep the riddle.
  11. Use the emotional swing - let him throw it in the heat, then in the cold. Open interest combined with short-term suspension. Then Gemini day after day will think only of you, hoping to conquer and conquer.
  12. At the end of the conversation, promise to tell him something important, and move away, keeping the intrigue. Then he will definitely try to set up the next date as soon as possible.

With Gemini, don't be afraid to demonstrate your sexuality. He must want you. But do not come close too quickly so that he does not lose interest. Play with him and delay the moment of closeness to the last, when you make sure that he is already in love with you.

Useful tips

Once you have reached your goal, and the man has fallen in love, you need to take care to keep his interest and transfer the relationship to a more serious stage.

What astrologers recommend:

  1. Remain a mystery to him, which is impossible to solve to the end. He must understand that there are still many unexplored faces in you, and he will not get bored by comprehending them.
  2. The female intellect is important to him, therefore show that you have many interests, constantly develop, improve and learn new things. Otherwise, you will not keep up with its development, and you will stay far in its past.
  3. Always actively maintain a dialogue, do not listen silently. A twin does not have enough asses and attentive silence. He would prefer to argue and swear, but just do not make long monologues.
  4. The Gemini is always on the move, he loves outdoor activities and noisy companies. And you have to share these interests, fall in love with parties and try new things. Do not stay at home, otherwise you will easily lose it.