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Daily prayers of the Virgin on the protection of her child


My parents often turn to me and ask how you can fully protect your child. I recommend that they turn to the help of the Lord and all the saints. Today I will tell you what kind of strong prayers mothers can use to protect children.

Strong child protection

For any person, family is the most important part of life. First, we develop a family in which we were born and raised, and over time we create marriage ourselves and are already working on its development and improvement. Creating a love union, a man and a woman want happiness and well-being not only for themselves and for their chosen one. Each couple wants to give life to another person and invites a new soul to incarnate in a worldly guise in their child.

Becoming a mother, a woman acquires a new meaning of life and receives the happiest opportunity to fully realize her feminine purpose. However, the modern world is sometimes very cruel, and not always parents have the opportunity to protect their children from all adversity and misery.

Of course, this brings tremendous discomfort to the mother and father, who put all their love and care into the children. In order to pacify their fears and experiences, we must not forget that in addition to our physical world, there also exists the kingdom of heaven, whose inhabitants can be turned to for help.

A maternal prayer for children is a strong guarantee in every sense that the higher forces will not leave your baby in trouble and will always protect him from various negatives and life difficulties. Remember that in terms of energy, a mother and her child are practically inseparable concepts, therefore, with your prayers you can significantly influence the fate of your child. Praying for your child, you will provide him with a happy future, full of joy and happiness.

What is the power of maternal prayer for your child?

It was always believed that during the creation of a new life an indestructible invisible bond is established between the mother and the child, which connects them throughout the course of life. It is this energetic connection that allows the mother to improve the fate of her child by engaging in spiritual practices and regularly turning to the heavenly powers. Sincere female plea is capable of doing truly great miracles. There are cases when the mother begged her child, and the incurable disease receded, despite the disappointing forecasts of physicians.

A mother can turn to the Most High for help for her child in all situations. You can read prayers before upcoming operations, exams, tests, even performances and competitions. This will help to keep calm and not give in to panic, and the child, seeing the tranquility of the mother, will also calm down, charged with faith in the successful outcome of the upcoming event.

How should a mother properly turn to God for the well-being of her children

Every mother every day does everything to make the life of her child comfortable and happy. Happiness and success of children always care about loving parents more than their own lives. To help the child in becoming as a person and his development, the mother is ready to make any effort.

Best of all, if a woman understands the importance of religion in raising a child. Praying for the baby, she makes a huge contribution to his happy future life. Resorting to spiritual practices, the girl does good not only for her children, but also contributes to her own spiritual development, making her life more harmonious and correct.

So, what should a mother do if she wants her child to always take care of the heavenly powers:

  • It is necessary to read holy texts regularly, try not to take breaks in this, no matter what. A hard working day, a conflict with a colleague or an absurd everyday quarrel should not stop spiritual practices. Do not look for excuses and excuses, remember that we are talking about the most important thing - the welfare of the child. Daily appeals to God will help pacify raging fears about the safety of a child. Systematic in this matter is one of the guarantors of the immediate appearance of positive results.
  • Equip houses with an iconostasis where you place icons depicting Saints. You can put a candlestick with a consecrated candle or an icon lamp next to the sacred faces. Try to pray in this place and make it so that this corner is quiet and secluded. Creating a calm atmosphere, you will quickly tune in to the upcoming prayer.
  • Do not forget the importance of regularly visiting a church or temple. Understand that a visit to the Sunday service does not take too much time, but it will be of great benefit. Take your babies with you and train them in proper behavior in a holy place. Do not force the child to go along with you, but in a calm dialogue discuss the importance and benefits of this event.
  • Speak to the child about the Lord and religion as often as possible. Explain the importance of faith in our daily lives. Try to convey in an understandable form to the child the fact that in addition to his physical shell, called the body, there is also such an important intangible component of his personality as the soul. If you have such an opportunity, then enroll the child in Sunday school, where he will be able to learn about Orthodoxy and join the Almighty among like-minded people and peers. Explain why wearing a cross is necessary all the time, encourage your child to do so.
  • Very well, if you will learn prayers together with the baby. Explain how to pronounce the sacred text correctly, when to baptize, and what other traditions and rituals exist in Christianity.

What Saints need to pray for their children

For the benefit of your blood you can ask from any gods. A mother can speak directly to the Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ, and guardian angels. However, maternal prayer to the Virgin Mary is more common. Turning to the Mother of God, do not forget that all the spoken words have a strong influence, so never wish evil to anyone, even if it is the abuser of a child. If the appeal to the Holy Mary takes place in the presence of a child, then at the end of the prayer, cross the child and let him drink some holy water, if it is at home.

How can you thank the higher forces for the help provided to the baby

Be sure to thank the invisible helpers for their participation in the child's life. This is an integral part of spiritual practices, since sincerely thanks is the best reward for Saints and guardian angels.

Here are some ways to help express your gratitude:

  • Prayer is a way to say thank you directly. When you see that everything desired is added up exactly as you wanted, do not forget about the thank-you speeches. You can say thank you before you see the realization of the petition, it will show the firmness and steadfastness of faith in the Lord’s providence. Do not forget to thank God simply because he sent you a wonderful baby who has now become the meaning of life.
  • Alms By donating things, food, money to those in need, you show the Lord your readiness for further spiritual development and steadfastness in following the righteous path.
  • Work on a voluntary basis is also a good way of gratitude. You can find out where and to whom help is needed, to work free of charge for the benefit of the Most High.

Teach your children to be grateful for everything the Lord gives. Only by your personal example can you show them the right and righteous path to the development of your spirituality.