Dream interpretation

Edgar: meaning of the name


The value of the name Edgar demonstrates the bright qualities of his personality. He violently shows emotions, creatively approaches everything and seeks to stand out from the crowd, to emphasize high status and innovative thinking by any means. Read the article to get better.


Edgar is a creative and tireless person. His life is a constant movement in search of bright feelings and emotions.

What is characteristic of his behavior:

  1. It has a strong character. Striving for high social status and public recognition, it is necessary for him to feel the satisfaction of life. And most often achieves this.
  2. His intuition works well for him, which he uses to make decisions. They often disagree with logic and common sense, but they prove to be true, because Edgar's forebodings rarely deceive.
  3. Very active, but it is difficult for him to concentrate on one thing. Therefore, it often quits the started business, being fascinated by something else. It is difficult for him to single out one main goal and achieve it gradually. Selects several at once and tries to do everything.
  4. To close people demanding, sometimes excessively. Therefore, he has few friends, and women avoid him, despite the fact that he is very attractive. He is chosen for frivolous relationships, and not for marriage.
  5. Strives for leadership and in all possible ways emphasizes its superiority. His life is a constant attempt to prove that he is better, smarter, stronger than others.
  6. He speaks freely, not paying attention to public condemnation and moral norms. It does not follow the rules of others, but creates its own. Because of this, it keeps aloof. "I'm all so unique, and you are a gray crowd" - it shows through in his appearance.
  7. Dependent on money and seeks to get rich in any way. Because of this, it can work for days, forgetting about health and poor health. The amount of money in a bank account for him is a measure of success. No matter how much I earn, always a little and I want more.

Hobbies and hobbies

Edgar, it is important to stand out from the crowd, to prove to everyone that he is special, different from others, a unique personality. And all his hobbies are aimed at this. Therefore chooses unusual hobbies that will help to become noticeable and bright.

He likes to write, but not "in the table", but in some well-known publications. As a rule, he takes a pseudonym, and then provokes discussion of his articles in order to reveal the secret at the end of a conversation and show that it was he who wrote such cool thoughts.

Often breeds exotic species of animals. Also, his hobby can be "noble" sports such as tennis or golf. He believes that they emphasize his high status.

Career and business

Edgar can be realized in creative or educational activities. He thinks outside the box and is able to transfer knowledge to other people in such a way that even a first grader will understand.

It will make an excellent teacher, researcher, musician, scientist, choreographer or artist. His career perfectionism can do an excellent job, because he performs his duties flawlessly.

He strives for excellence in everything, constantly evolving in knowledge, actions, skills. Therefore, it is growing rapidly through the career ladder and is able to achieve a lot. Especially if you manage to tame your restless temper in work affairs.

But a good manager is unlikely to succeed, because he is inclined to take out negative emotions on his subordinates.


Due to the extremely emotional nature of Edgar, he is prone to nervous diseases and disorders. Stress - the main threat to his health and health. He just needs to learn to cope with his emotions - for this purpose the sport, masculine and aggressive, is perfectly suited. For example, any kind of struggle.

Often he does not allow himself to relax, rest and just sleep, which also adversely affects health. He needs to load himself less to prevent emotional and nervous exhaustion.

Sex and love

Edgar is a very temperamental person. He openly and vividly manifests his emotions. In choosing a partner, she relies more on feelings than on logic and common sense. In his youth, he often changes girls, trying to find the “same one”, not realizing that the ideal does not exist.

Calm and harmonious relationships do not know how to build. It does not work because of increased excitability and explosive temperament. He is a wonderful lover, gentle and sensitive, but a bad husband.

Attachment and serious relationship is afraid of fire, so women promise nothing, experiencing that they will limit it in an active and free life.

Family and marriage

To create a family can choose a woman who does not suit him. Because of the explosive temper and ever-changing behavior, he needs a patient and wise chosen one who can understand and accept him with all the flaws.

But in the end he chooses the perfect opposite - a girl who is also quick-tempered and changes her decisions in a second. Because of this, the marriage will be full of conflicts and disagreements, which sooner or later will lead to complete disappointment and even divorce.

To avoid this, he should choose a girl who can support, listen. The one that will praise him, inspire and balance. And the one that will not try to rehabilitate him, because it is almost impossible.

He is vain and considers himself almost perfect, so he will not tolerate control and moralizing. If it comes to a divorce, then the initiator of the separation becomes precisely his wife, who is bored forever to quench his outbreaks of emotions.

If children appear in a marriage, after the divorce, Edgar will not leave them without his help and support, including material. With the former wife while maintaining a good relationship does not work, they remain quite tense.