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The strongest Prayer to John Sochavsky for good luck, business, trade


Kuma opened her company. A week before she began work, she called and asked: “You often go to church, tell me! Can I read some prayer in the office on the first day for the Lord to bless my work?” I asked father. He advised my girlfriend first of all to go to the priest of his church to receive a blessing. However, he also offered a prayer, a very popular one - to John Sochavsky. I bought the icon of this saint and went to the opening of the company ...

The strongest prayer to the holy martyr

Here is its text.

Such a prayer with a pocket icon can be purchased at any Orthodox church. It will be laminated, so that you can comfortably carry a piece of paper with you.

Pray alone, uttering every word with feeling. Communicating with the Lord is not a rhyme on a New Year's matinee, do not rush to quickly discard all words and return to household duties. If you address the saint often, learn the words of the prayer. At the end, cross over and worship three times (if you do not have the icon of a saint, then the iconostasis). Although, if the business is serious, it is still better to buy the icon. Knowledgeable people place it right in the office or trading floor, but not in sight.

It is also important to have time to turn to the saint before you begin sales or important negotiations.

But what if you pray daily and trade does not go? Look deep into your heart. Do you have some great sin there? Try to redeem him, live according to Christian customs - then the Lord will hear your requests as soon as possible.

How else can you pray to John Sochavsky before starting your own business, big sale or purchase

You can read this prayer by asking of success.

This prayer is most respected. trade workers.

And this text is relevant for a big purchase (car, apartment). However, gathering to sell property is also not a sin to ask for heavenly patronage. After all, you, too, expect not to sell cheap and not to fall for the scammers.

Also about success in trade or business can be ordered in the church Akathist - Prayer-praise of a certain saint (in this case, John Sochavsky).

However, you can read it at home.

Here is the text.

And here is how it is read:

Who else pray for success in trade?

If you do not find a place for yourself before a big purchase, one prayer may not be enough to soothe the soul.

Asking for intercession from John Sochavsky, you can also turn to Nicholas the Wonderworker and Seraphim of Sarov (saints during their life generously helped people in distress).

Some people, seeing prayers to the martyr John on the Internet, think that they are addressed to John the Baptist (the Baptist). But it is not. To this saint they pray for another reason — to strengthen the faith, calm the soul, and grant repentance.

When to pray is not worth it

Both the Lord and St. John, who is our mediator (to him we delegate our requests to God, since, because of sins, it is often unworthy to turn to Him personally), will gladly bless any honest work. Trade also applies to this. After all, there is nothing wrong with growing a crop and selling it, buying something imported and offering fellow citizens, as well as opening a medical, cleaning or other company and offering fellow citizens useful services.

Another thing - unholy business or deception of buyers.

Do not even try to contact St. John if you:

  • weigh buyers, interrupt (change) the expiration date, provide false information about the quality of the goods;
  • overcharge too high, taking advantage of the lack of competition;
  • sell something disagreeable to the church (such things include vodka and cigarettes);
  • act to the detriment of others (for example, your shop "strangles" and ruins other points of sale).

Also, even if your soul is pure, do not use prayers in verses offered by occult sites. Even if the name of the Lord and the saints is mentioned there, it is nothing but conspiracy. It is a sin to read them to an Orthodox person.

But why do we turn to him: who is John Sochavsky

In life he was a merchantwith a very devout Christian. He lived at the beginning of the 14th century. He spent his life traveling, searching for unique goods. It was honest and generous.

He accepted his martyrdom for the faith in the city of Belgrade (now Belgorod-Dniester). Here he arrived on the ship, and during the trip the captain (non-Christian) argued with him about faith, after which he held a grudge against this man. Arriving in the city, the captain went to the governor and said that, he says, his Christian friend had decided to renounce his faith. John was invited to the fire worshipers. Having understood why he was called, John was not afraid and openly refused to renounce the true faith..

The righteous man was beaten for two days, and then he was beheaded. John at that time was only 30 years old ...

His body was left lying on the street. Local Christians were afraid to touch him, so as not to anger the governor. But when at night everyone saw the light over the body of John, they realized that it was a divine sign. They buried the martyr in the local cemetery. And the captain, guilty in the death of the martyr, offered to return the body of the innocently killed to his homeland. But John came to him in a dream, ordering him to leave him in Belgrade.

The relics of the saint lay in the local church until the beginning of the 15th century. Then by order of the prince relics moved to the city of Sochava (today Suceava). Here they are still in the monastery of St. John the New. By the name of this city, John was given the name Sochavsky (less commonly called Suceava).

Church Day of the Great Martyr

2 June (old style) or June 15 (in a new style). On this day, it is especially good to go to God's temple and order an akathist to John Sochavsky.

More details about the life of the Great Martyr can be heard in the sermon, which the online priest read for his flock on June 15:

Let's summarize ...